Microsoft to merge Windows Phone and Windows on a tablet in 2015?

Eldar Murtazin - famous Russian blogger with rumors of technology today has revealed that Microsoft had started planning for the version of Windows / Windows Phone released in 2015 and is notable giants software will merge the OS on phones and tablets.

Eldar said that Microsoft has set up a development team to create a strategic plan to release the next major update of Windows Phone, which include the re-consideration of the whole interface is faced criticism 's Metro UI.

Besides, he also said that the new OS will be built from scratch, like Windows Phone 8 was developed after Windows Phone 7 and it can again cause problems like not injured. This explains why Microsoft has increased support for WP8 time from 18 to 36 months.

The first design of the new OS will be presented in the autumn of this year and is expected, this version will be released in 2015.

The re-review of the Windows Phone interface on the next major version is probably a good idea because it will refresh the look of the user of this platform when things are getting boring. However, compatibility problems will certainly happen and that Windows Phone will fall behind. Like what we saw when switching from Microsoft Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, sales of devices using the mobile operating system Microsoft has dropped from 4 million / quarter to 0.5 million / quarter and even with the transition from WP7 to WP8, the interest level of development also reduced causing less limping in the number of apps in the Windows Phone Store.


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