Mobile device charger battery Limeade Blast 'crisis' 18.000mAh, efficiency up to 90%

If you have design ideas and a business device but lacks technology investment, then go for funding is probably the fastest way to realize it, provided you have the ability to persuade people people spend money on you. is a channel to obtain such financing, this site has only been established since 2009, but it has attracted more than 3 million people around the world to invest half a billion dollars (500 million USD) for approximately 35,000 large and small projects. Among them may be mentioned the staff made redundant battery chargers called Limeade Blast Boulder group. CO, with a capacity of up to 18.000mAh that you're referring to.

With this huge number, it is one of those portable battery charger "quality" owns more capacity on the market today. For comparison, the theoretical 18.000mAh can fully charge the iPad 3 has 1 member and 1
iPad 2 battery 11.500mAh 6944 battery or charger if you spend more than 10 times the iPhone 5, is 7 times charger for Sony Xperia Z 2330mAh battery, which is 6 times the Galaxy S4 2600mAH battery. In short you can be assured of one week to go away without a power source to charge your phone. So in fact, the battery backup who has done it or not?

Summary Limeade Blast 18.000mAh batteries:
The project produced a series of batteries was initiated to apply for funding on Kickstarter beginning on 5/2/2013, ending on 31/5. After 1 month, they received nearly $ 285,000 from 3164 supporters, with the average amount of $ 99 / person, previously they could only hope to get $ 30,000 for their support. Each person will be assigned one of the earliest battery Limeade Blast, before it is marketed. To date, the product has been available in the online retail channel in the U.S., for example, Amazon for $ 100.

Product Specifications:
  • Limeade Blast 18.000mAh (L180X). Lemonade Limeade means
  • The myriad charging port: micro USB, 5V/2A
  • Time to fully charge: 9-11 hours
  • Charging output port: 2 USB 2.0, includes a 5V / 2.1 A and a 5V/1A
  • There are LED lights indicate battery capacity (level 4)
  • Integrated LED as a flashlight
  • Material: plastic, black
  • Size: 123 x 78 x 23mm
  • Weight: 370g
  • Price: $ 100, not sold in VN
  • limeade_blast_18000mah (11)

If battery backup duo Genius that I had not long ago introduced feature itself off when fully charged, the battery is the Limeade Blast integrated function automatically turns on when you plug the USB cable to the standard array charger for your device, save us from losing the power button to turn up. It also automatically turn off if not used after 10 seconds, to help save battery power depleted. The last point is a manufacturer and equip it to an LED as a flashlight when needed, but the size of very small LEDs, flash only on mobile phones but also very stable brightness. And with his size, the source Limeade Blast charging 2 devices at the same time very large currents needed, for example at the same time charging Xperia ZR and iPad 2.

Limeade 18.000mAh cons of battery capacity which is so large that its size is not small, double 10.400mAh Genius battery and weighs 370g. Another point is the micro USB cable to charge the 30 feet of the old standard for iDevices poor quality, not sharp and easily damaged. Remaining generally improve the quality of good products, monolithic outer shell Sturdy plastic, soft rubber coating to help resist dust and fingerprints. Product not come charging adapter, we can use any charger for it also, for example, the iPhone charger, Samsung charger, charger LG, Nokia USB 5V Output current 1-2A are.

Efficiency of Limeade Blast:

To test the battery capacity and performance evaluation of 18.000mAh Limeade Blast, I have to charge a lot of equipment to get exhausted its power, including charging 4 times the iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2 times, 1 time Sony Xperia ZR and 1 time i Motorola Razr XT890, LED flashlight turned on about 5 minutes, specifically:
  • Charging iPhone 5: 2 recharges the battery while the computer is 2% at full 100%, inferred about 2800mAh capacity. Add 2 times the machine at 20% battery to 100% at full capacity, approximately. 2200mAh.
  • IPad Mini Charger (4400mAh battery) 2 times 20% longer battery time until full: use about 7000mAh capacity.
  • Sony Xperia ZR Charging the battery to 20% when full: approximately 1850mAh capacity use.
  • Charger Razr i 1 machine at run time battery until full: use about 2000mAh capacity.
  • Open LED flashlight batteries until the end, about 5-10 minutes:
Thus, the amount used is: 15.850mAh plus flashlight ~ 16.000mAh time. Inferred Limeade Blast 18.000mAh performance of nearly 90%, a very impressive figure, so if you subtract the time wasted through the use of self-discharge the battery and battery backup who has almost absolute performance compared with the theory that the manufacturers offer. Also added is to take your battery fully charged first and then spend the time, do not charge anything over 3-4 times.


Property giant size, 18.000mAh and performance up to 90%, you can say 18.000mAh Limeade Blast is a product of the cell battery standby capacity and highest performance on the market this. With this battery in your pocket, you can be assured to work or travel for a week without being afraid of the phone because it can charge the battery over 10 times for the iPhone 5 or 7 times for Xperia ZR 2200mAh battery capacity or if they will spend iPad Mini Rechargeable 4 times.

Source: Tinhte


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