My Xperia Services, Phone search service when lost , ongoing official worldwide

After a trial period in the Nordic countries in February last, support services and seeking protection in case of Xperia lost - my Xperia - have matured to the period.

And Sony has recently confirmed that the service will be officially launched world-wide in the coming weeks, is expected to be applied on the entire Xperia 2012 series and 2013.

Now Xperia users can have peace of mind and more satisfied with their smartphone as they now have more opportunities than in case the computer is lost, along with the security and safety information increased.

My Xperia is a package of services - interactive applications on the Xperia, includes many features that allow the user to accurately locate your smartphone in case the machine is lost or stolen, making machine rang alarm bells with large volume orders and can destroy all data on the remote machine to ensure information security, similar to the Find my iPhone app on Apple's phone line.


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