Nokia Windows phone released 3 free apps show the power of Imaging SDK

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone introduces another product that is writing software toolkit Nokia Imaging SDK. This is the new SDK library contains a lot of APIs enables programmers can develop software advanced image processor, Nokia said they used the SDK to write software on the Lumia 925 Smart Camera. To demonstrate the power of the SDK as well as examples for programmers reference, Nokia has released three sample applications on the Marketplace of WP devices, completely free of charge.

All 3 applications are focused on the ability to animate the camera image and camera of machine, including:

Nokia Windows phone app Filter Explorer: Create photo effects have taken. Download App here.

Nokia Windows phone app Filter Effects: It is software to create image effects but more advanced because it allows you to adjust the parameters of each effect that, when you drag the slider, the display parameters Preview the image will change immediately.Download App here.

Nokia Windows phone app Real-time Filter: This is an example of application to camera effects, with the ability to create effects in real time, meaning that when you open up the camera will show the effects directly always on the screen. Download App here.

According to WMPoweruser


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