Official Google Maps 2.0 for iOS: supports iPad, has more features to explore,

Official Google Maps 2.0 for iOS a good news for iOS users when Google started today released maps navigation app Google Maps version 2.0 for iOS users. The biggest change that the user can see this in version 2.0 from the main interface to the application, in addition Maps now officially supports the iPad, features improved navigation and Google in particular has Discover more items (explore) to help users discover interesting places around the living area.

Google Maps 2.0 for iOS Official despite Apple's maps have many changes in recent years, but iOS users still prefer Google Maps as well as myself and just using Google Maps, the big change this time is probably will bring great joy to many Apple users. Maps 2.0 for iOS updated display live traffic conditions, as well as reports on current traffic.

Official Google Maps 2.0 for iOS iOSPhien new version also supports navigation within buildings (indoor directions) and maps for large shopping malls, airports, transit stations ... Notably Explore feature, users can explore the restaurants, entertainment venues around the position are due Maps 2.0. In addition, the results returned also add comments from others and assess where to help you get detailed information about where they are located.


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