Quick Guide to Handling the incident damaged frequently on the smartphone

Quick Guide to Handling the incident damaged
Undeniably smartphone during use, there will be problems both big and small happen make us headache. There are common problems, but the users do not know whether to tackle sometimes the fix is ​​simple.

1. Quick Guide to Handling the incident damaged, Phone fell into water
Unless such a waterproof phone, no one wants their phone fell into the water. However, if it unfortunately happens to your phone, you need to calmly deal with the following steps.
Fast processing of common problems on the phone
First, we have to turn off the phone immediately if the machine is still turned on the phone in case it is turned off, do not be turned on because of the possibility that the device is very high short-circuit and short-circuit when then do not expect it to work normally again. Next, we need to remove the back, battery, sim card and remove all things that can be removed to dry off one by one. Absolutely not use dryer to dry the phone as the water evaporates and penetrates deep into the circuit causing significant damage to the phone.

To prevent the risk of having the phone "strange disease" after the water, let air into the tank to rice 2 to 3 days. The rice will absorb moisture and prevent oxidation occurs when the device is dipped into water. This is a simple but effective way that few people know to handle when your phone accidentally fell into the water.

2. Quick Guide to Handling the incident damaged, The hard buttons bottles
The hard buttons of the bottle is a great event happening on mobile devices though both cheap and high end machines. The reason is that users click more exposure leads to the circuit under hard buttons become less sensitive. Tips to overcome without having to mount the machine, you can apply in this case, a few drops of alcohol into the bottle with buttons and then press the button repeatedly. Alcohol will quickly absorbed into the head and clean the contacts with bottles help buttons become sensitive, easy to press more.
Fast processing of common problems on the phone
3. Quick Guide to Handling the incident damaged, Connect the smartphone to a computer flutter
For vóc artist, smartphone connected to a computer is often done to satisfy what hobby tinkering, exploring. When the phone feels connected to computer problems, the time, now is not the time you should see the connection cable and plug. During prolonged use, dirt can stick to the connector pins on the phone or cables and cause a hard time connecting.

Charging batteries properly: The key source of sustainable energy 3

To handle this problem, simply clean the dust on the feet of exposed cable or telephone connection using a toothpick or small stick poking steel pins exposed to loosen dust dirty. Where difficult phenomenon persists connection, then you should try using a different cable to connect the computer to the smartphone.

4. Quick Guide to Handling the incident damaged, Front camera lens is scratched or broken
The phone is designed camera as the Galaxy S II protrude very easy to make sure the camera lens is scratched. In the long term, heavy scratches can affect the image quality on your PC. The worst case is the camera lens is cracked or broken, then replace the glass is unavoidable if you still want to take a picture with this smartphone.
Fast processing of common problems on the phone
To replace the glass of the camera, you can fully take advantage of the glass from the old device is no longer used as such or DVD player. The new glass behalf camera like this was not easy, but do not replace the more it is not.

5. Quick Guide to Handling the incident damaged, Slow down Android Smartphone
When you buy a new Android smartphone, the machine runs very fast but now it takes a long time to open a new phone that is the message or application take several seconds to load your favorite game is finished. That's when you need to refresh your crickets by deleting the cache in the Settings app. You can also try a new launcher lighter to improve this situation. More simply it is to install a clean application for Android phones free on Play Store and launch it. You will see your phone much faster after this cleanup operation.
Fast processing of common problems on the phone
6. Quick Guide to Handling the incident damaged, Bottle battery
Bottle battery is not very good, but who wants to happen to those who have the habit to charge and play games on the phone. Replace the battery is a perfect solution for smartphones have removable batteries, but with the smartphone can not remove the battery or you do not want to have to spend money to buy a new battery. Change the habit of using the phone is the most easy to implement plan. Specifically, to increase usage time on the phone over charging, we should Removing the unused applications, reducing screen brightness or turn off the connection when not in use. The simplest way to do this when combined together can significantly improve the time used on a smartphone has become hardened pin.
Charging batteries properly: The key source of sustainable energy 6
That's just a few simple treatments that you can apply to see their smartphone problems. However, for more complex situations, we should not take the plunge, as it may also have to love your risk of falling into "critical illness" instead of feeling slightly above normal.


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