Revealed a wide range of Nokia Lumia smartphones launched with much less different screen sizes?

It seems that Nokia will launch a series of Lumia products in the near future (GUIs)

Nokia is doing a very good job to bring the Lumia series smartphone users in many different segments, and perhaps in the future they will continue this strategy, by MyNokiaBlog page today revealed that Nokia is Hamlet Lumia product incubation and pretty much expected to launch in the near future. Accordingly, this blog is that Nokia Lumia developing two tablets with two different screen sizes: a 10.5 "(8.5 mm thick) and a screen 8.5", both for is going to be the monolithic aluminum body, will appear on the market with 6 different colors: yellow, pink, green, black, white, blue. Besides, they are expected to use the latest camera technology Nokia - can appear on the upcoming Nokia EOS.

Yet, MyNokiaBlog also believe that Nokia is researching and testing some samples phablet screen sizes ranging from 6 "to 7", and if all goes well, the launch time is expected to leave at about mid-June next year (2014). Finally, mention Lumia smartphone series in the future, sources said that Nokia is ready for at least 6 devices, as follows:

  • Nokia Lumia 525 with screen 4.5 ";
  • Nokia Lumia 625 with screen 4.6 ";
  • Nokia Lumia 725 with screen 5 ";
  • Nokia Lumia 825 with screen 5.2 ";
  • Nokia Lumia 926 with screen 5.5 ".
According to WMPoweruser


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