Tutorials Flash Room on HTC One, public beta version of MoDaCo.SWITCH

Tutorials Flash Room on HTC One, public beta version of MoDaCo.SWITCH
Tools MoDaCo.SWITCH likely help HTC Sense ROM One switch between the original Android ROM quickly with just one click. Now this tool was developer Paul O'Brien open for everyone to test, not limited to a small group, more advanced users. On this occasion, Paul has launched a fundraising project on Indiegogo site to bring up the Samsung Galaxy S4 MoDaCo.SWITCH version of Google Edition (600 Snapdragon chip running). Paul's goal is to reach £ 1,000 and £ 480 are now available from community contributions. If interested, you can click the source link to see more.

Tutorials Flash ROM SWITCH on your device:

Back up all data, make a backup .
  • Download the following files:
  • Beta 1 install zip - Mega / Mirror 1 / Mirror 2
  • Beta 1 to Beta 8 update zip (install on top of Beta 1) - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid)
  • Option packages for the machine S-ON - DOWNLOAD (most machines today are S-ON, so you just download if not always know what is S-ON)
  • Options package root - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid)
Copy all of the files on your HTC One. Next go to the Recovery of the machine by turning the equipment off, then press the middle button + volume down power to the machine on a full screen red and blue letters. Use the volume keys to move the light bar line "Recovery", press the power key to access.

Then turn perform the following steps:
  • Select the option to Wipe data factory wipe of data (note that prior to update, no wipe after flash ROM)
  • Flash files SWITCH Beta 1
  • Flash update file SWITCH 8 Beta
  • Flash to package S-ON
  • Flash to package root
  • Reboot the machine
After the machine has run up, you will be directed to the Wizard of Sense, every time you complete it as buying a new home. However, the Google Account login step is skipped. When you are in the main interface of the phone, go to Settings continued> Power> Fast boot option to quit. Note This step is extremely extremely important. After selection, find app called Switch, click on it, you will be routed through Google Play ROM Edition. Log into your Google account is finished.

Note: Data is shared between the Sense ROM and Google ROM Edition, so you simply install the application once and it will automatically appear on the original Android ROM and the Sense ROM. The data generated by the app, log data each app, save game ... is preserved, we can comfortably switch between ROMs without worrying about data synchronization.
Source: MoDaCo, Indiegogo, Tinhte


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