Ubuntu Edge Smartphone : "The new wind" would subversive mobile phone market?

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone
A few days ago, Canonical unveiled phones running the Ubuntu operating system called Edge with hardware configurations attractive and luxurious style. It is hoped to attract investments of about $ 32 million before August 22, if successfully raised, Canonical can produce 40,000 phone and hit the market in May Edge 5/2014.

However, if the project fails, Canonical will have to choose a new direction that is focused on developing Ubuntu to turn it into a commercial operating system, while Edge will quietly disappear like never appears. So compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 are storming the market, the Edge is what the user really attractive?

The answer is Ubuntu Edge opens a new era where smartphones can replace desktop computers. In theory, the Edge can run Ubuntu Phone OS operating system (or Android, depending on the user's choice). Then, when you connect the Edge to a computer monitor via HDMI with familiar accessories including mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth, Edge will automatically switch to run a version of Ubuntu Desktop OS operating system for machines table. Therefore, Canonical is trying to turn the idea of ​​a phone that can replace all come true.

When you move, Edge is a normal smartphone, but at home or in the office, it will become your desktop. All files as well as the user's own settings are synchronized between mobile OS and desktop OS. Even when using the Edge with functions of PC operating systems, users can still call or reply to a message.
Ubuntu Edge Smartphone : "The new wind" would subversive mobile phone market?
Thus, if the Windows tablet can gradually blurring the boundaries between tablet and laptop, the phone almost Ubuntu Edge to reconcile smartphone with your PC. However, in addition to raising sufficient financing, the challenge of limited hardware performance and software located on the Edge is still a big question mark.

In terms of hardware configuration, Ubuntu Edge is equipped with 4.5 inch screen 720x1.280 pixel resolution with glass crystals made from Sa-side. The machine will run multi-core processor with 4 GB RAM and memory up to 128 GB. The front and rear camera's Edge turn resolution is 2 and 8 MP. In terms of size, this phone ownership parameters are 124x64x9 mm. This can be considered as a parameter table "beautiful" on the flip side if Edge is a phone.

However, Canonical did not mention that Edge will use the GPU graphics or battery capacity of the machine is. While these are very important factors to evaluate the performance and ability to work instead of a desktop phone.
Ubuntu Edge Smartphone : "The new wind" would subversive mobile phone market?
As expected, the Edge phone is equipped with a Intel Xeon processor is not very feasible. Maybe Canonical could only use the ARM processor or the fastest of Intel's Atom chip. Qualcomm Snapdragon or Intel 800 based Silvermont SoC architecture Merrifield is the brightest candidates more. Both chips are top of the table, enough to "balance" all tasks on mobile now, but if it could load the desktop application? In addition, the graphics processing capabilities of the GPU chips are not really appreciate to run 3D PC games, the game is even onlione.
Ubuntu Edge Smartphone : "The new wind" would subversive mobile phone market?
Page Anandtech technology has rated power of the GPU chip sample some of today's leading cell. 800 Snapdragon Adreno 330 GPU using only scoring half compared with the integrated graphics card HD 4000's Ivy Bridge chip. Meanwhile Samsung Exynos 5250 chip Mali-T604 GPU underdogs much longer. But in reality it should be emphasized that the HD 4000 is not what strong, it just helps you try to play the new game is now at the lowest setting to medium. Thus, the probability that a phone like Edge can handle any task smoothly operating system Ubuntu Desktop OS is very difficult.

A next issue is whether the battery life of the machine. Small battery placed in a small smartphone is almost impossible to maintain operational capability for the entire desktop system in a few hours, unless there are measures to help Canonical Edge can take and use power from the outside.

Anyway, above is just our speculation, Canonical would be difficult to anticipate the immediate present when Edge announced Ubuntu phone. The idea of ​​a unified OS for all platforms have been launched long ago but turning it into reality is not any manufacturers that do. If successful, Ubuntu will definitely force us to change our perceptions about Linux. Since then, not Android or iOS anymore, but the new Ubuntu became a breakthrough best ever.
Ubuntu Edge Smartphone : "The new wind" would subversive mobile phone market?
Meanwhile, if the problem of hardware resources affect the desktop experience, the Edge has a special phone. Since it can still run both Ubuntu and Android. In addition to mobile operating systems have become very familiar of Google.


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