Update Nokia Amber will be added to the Bluetooth 4.0 Lumia 720, 620 and 520, many new features are updated more

In pictures leaked presentation slide above shows Amber update for Nokia Lumia WP8 will run additional features Bluetooth 4.0 for the Lumia 520, 620 and 720. This is an important feature because it can help you connect with a lot of different accessories that do not support high energy consumption such as Fitbit Withings One or Pulse.

In addition to the Amber also brought a number of other improvements as may change the color temperature of the image, improving the sharpness of the image when viewed in the Pictures Hub, improved battery life, more screen Glance Screen (external display screen lock clock) ... it is not clear whether the higher Lumia 925 and 928 as the upgrade to 4.0 or not because after all these are the top of the Nokia factory today.

Shortly after being released in the Chinese market, conducted WPDang page "dissected" version of Windows Phone 8 operating system and updates GDR2 Lumia Amber features pre-installed on the Nokia Lumia 925. Amber Lumia integrating extended features exclusively for Nokia Lumia and has also promised to release this update for all running WP8 Lumia line in the near future. Here are some updates on the new Lumia Amber.

A new feature is the first noticeable in the Amber Lumia update features "touch screen 2 times to open" instead of pressing the power button. This feature can be set in Settings / display + touch / touch in the form of a checkbox.

At the same time, the display + touch also has a new card is "glance" - this is setting the clock on the lock screen displayed when the machine is idle (idle). There are 2 options, the first option is the clock is turned off after 15 minutes of idle, 2nd option is dimmed clock time during the evening.

In an additional display card set color profiles allows Lumia adjust screen colors. We can tweak saturation (natural / striking / colorful) and color temperature (cool / neutral / warm). Just above 2 bar tune is a photo illustration and Photos option in your adjustment will be applied directly on the image, help you better visualize.

In setting up email + accounts, update Lumia Amber IBM adds Notes Traveler account. In addition, Nokia also discovered WPDang have more default wallpaper in Photos / backgrounds, you can download this wallpapers here.

Finally, the Smart Camera - a versatile imaging applications are introduced Nokia Lumia 925 launch in the past but especially with Amber update, Nokia has stepped into Nokia Smart Camera system makes possible be open default by pressing and holding the camera button on WP physics via a setting in the Settings / applications / photo + camera. Thus, you do not need to find separate apps in the App List, or take steps to open and then select Camera Lenses.


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