Virtual Ram Guide for iPod Touch, and all Apple iOS devices

iPod Touch Gen 4 only 256mb ram memory - quite high in the days when it launches, but this time it ... while the memory is quite large, and for the model 32gb, 64gb, then not many people actually take advantage of his memory. With this guide, we will take advantage of the power of memory, by turning one part of memory to become virtual ram (page file - or swapfile in linux and OS X)

Do you currently own one iPod touch 4G? iOS 6? let flat at low free ram makes installing cydia tweak and play more complex games difficult? If you are one who does not mind fiddling with bar, this is the answer for you!

There is one fact that both iOS and OS X are features using virtual ram. However, virtual ram on iOS for 1
reason not to use swapfile, making this feature almost useless. Our job is launchdaemon heifers from OS X to iOS

Step 1: Use 1 and any file browser to the following link ==> / System / Library / LaunchDaemons

Step 2:

1 Create a new Daemon named as follows:
The content below, save it, and set permissions 775
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""><plist version="1.0"><dict><key>KeepAlive</key><true/><key>Label</key><string></string><key>ProgramArguments</key><array><string>/sbin/dynamic_pager</string></array><key>RunAtLoad</key><true/></dict></plist>
Step 3: Follow the path / var / preferences

1 Create a new Daemon named as follows:

The contents are as below, save it and set permissions 775, set permissions for the folder "vm" is 777
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" " 1.0.dtd"><plist version="1.0"><dict><key>UseEncryptedSwap</key><false/></dict></plist>
Step 4: Follow the path / var /, set permissions for the folder "vm" is 777

Reboot and enjoy the results!

This approach applies to all ios and iDevice, but should not try on ipod touch 2g (why its not clear, but after testing with ipod touch 2g, after 2 weeks of computer games tend to be pretty much in sudden death when the 4g running ios 6 months to remain impartial)
This is the first use of the machine ram memory, of course you will have one less available memory of the machine to virtual ram
There is one sure way of doing this will be the ruin of computer memory chips, so chip nand have some time read / write is limited. I confirm that this information is true, and perhaps it is precisely the cause of death of his son 2g as mentioned above. But I also say that the time is always read / write it, so much that your computer will fail because the other one last issue is not dead by nand chip (many users report was completed on that machine using virtual ram to restore them. MISTOOK! virtual ram if that nand chip dies you turn the machine did not even say anything to restore power again. I've used iPod touch 4g running 6.1.2 virtual ram 1 4 months now without any problems)
Use memory, not only the number of read / write restrictions that would speed even more limited. This understanding is vomiting na game will load slightly slower 1 etc. ..
We can say this guy is not as important issues. iOS 6 is not only slow but also dis always our game, now eliminated one problem, there's nothing here at all disadvantaged
Results: use it or not is up to each person, I always recommend the first reason is that it will change the configuration of the iphone 4 ipod touch 4 too, may be due to the "bulge" in its sole discretion (up to 1gb open the app if heavy enough), allowing the game to play on ios 6 new lot better. Wishing you success using
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