5 best apps on Windows Phone 2013

5 best apps on Windows Phone
5 best apps on Windows Phone
Windows Phone platform is perhaps not so new but new users everything is still very strange. Besides new about using the application as well as an obstacle that they do not know where to start, what to download applications to meet their needs. Please invite your friends and you share your most used apps to help new users easy access to your phone over Windowns Phone. To open the display, here are 5 apps that I use most often on Windows Phone, you can attach code to the Microsoft Tag you are downloading. 

You can download using Microsoft Tag codes by Bing Search Bing Search button below the phone screen, choose Bing Vision and Bing Vision camera direction on the Microsoft Tag code.

If access to this article or by phone Lumia WP, please click on the icon next to the application Microsoft Tag.

BLINK: 5 best apps on Windows Phone 2013
Many go on the road, you see something weird, or a beautiful girlfriend ... walked through. Do not want to lose good moments, you need a capture application "refers to" as quickly as possible. BLINK Software, development by Microsoft Research will help you accomplish this. BLINK 1 series will shoot 15 pictures, make sure not to miss any frames. Then you can save and share the animations 15 sheets or 1 sheet nicest through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and So.cl.

Handyscan: 5 best apps on Windows Phone 2013
I use the app to scan Pocketware Handyscan of JDB and store paper documents into the phone. This software allows you to capture, store in the cloud, calibration and choose between the display mode so that letters be written to capture clear, easy to read most. You can download a free version with ads or buy the paid-for $ 2.99.

Metrotube: 5 best apps on Windows Phone 2013
Windows Phone still can not see the YouTube app "master key" but sometimes the 3rd party apps are still. Metrotube or use of the development team "lazy worm" Lazyworm. This application has appeared on Windowns Phone Store very soon and so far has been improved. In particular, support for video resolution, the application features Preload - but do not run the video preload condition to prevent "lag" when viewing. Metrotube allows free trial with unlimited ads and if you like you can buy versions cost $ 0.99 fee.

Photo Editor by Aviary: 
Photo Editor by Aviary:  5 best apps on Windows Phone 2013
Photo Editor is an image editing application on the Windows Phone comprehensive. You can be "fun" with their pictures taken with multiple filters, effects, stickers set, cut, and adjust parameters like brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness ... This application is released on Free WP Store.

Quick Settings:  
Quick Settings:  5 best apps on Windows Phone 2013
One of the downsides to Windows Phone on / off connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, GPS ... then you have to go to Settings to find, quite time consuming. With Quick Settings app, you can connect the battery settings, battery indicator and shut off the engine flash out the main screen for quick access.
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