IPad charger exploded, one almost lost his life

Page PhoneArena information technology , said he Gillooley Tim ( 34 years old ) has encountered an accident with iPad charger that surely he will never forget . Accordingly , Tim bought for daughter Chloe Gillooley an iPad in the 8th birthday . By day 24/8 , while at the grandmother's house Chloe in the Widnes (UK ) along with his father Tim , the accident had happened .
Tim Gillooley and her daughter Chloe ( 8 years old ) .
Tim Gillooley and her daughter Chloe ( 8 years old ) .
Specifically , when Tim Gillooley walked out from the bathroom to remove the iPad charger for iPad charger , the daughter suddenly exploded push him flying to the floor . The blast and sudden shock caused the man 's fingers 34 year old pretty serious burns . Fortunately, she was there when Chloe Gillooley still unscathed .
IPad charger exploded, one almost lost his life
Tim recalled the incident that he was not stunned : "I jumped unexpectedly pushed out of place by a loud bang coming from the previous charger.. Felt I was stunned and shocked . Systemic close paralysis in about 2 minutes then I gradually regained consciousness . my mother really did not believe the scene was going to burst out crying daughter Chloe are too scared . Did not know if the charger is my daughter draw the consequences will seriously at all. "

Tim Gillooley doubt the iPad charger problem although he said that this is genuine charger that came with the machine . He brought both the iPad and the charger to check in a store and the Apple App Store has recommended Tim return to its charger can check to find the cause of the explosion. Instead, Tim Gillooley decided to buy a new genuine charger to continue using the iPad .

Through the above , Tim Gillooley said he and family members will be more careful when using Apple products , he was witty for my iPhone like a bomb was placed in the . It was unclear whether future heart has switched to using a mobile device or not , but others also continue to be a warning about the dangers of fire conditions present mobile products .
Reference: Phonearena.com


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