Motorola launches two accessories for the Moto X: Skip and Navigation Dock

Motorola today introduced two sets to user accessories for the Moto X: Skip and Navigation Dock. First, talk about Skip, this is simply a small piece of aluminum, can be used to unlock the Moto X
remotely without having to perform a "Slide to Unlock" or enter a PIN. Motorola said to Skip interact well with Moto X, you need to turn on the NFC's Moto X and touching two devices together, once the connection is successful, users simply click once on Skip mild , immediately Moto X will be unlocked. According to Motorola, a Moto X can work well with Skip, you can put one in office, one at home, ... or if inconvenient, can be worn over pants pocket or shirt pocket. Motorola noted, if you are unfortunate to lose Skip, please disconnect immediately (Unpair) with which to avoid strangers Skip advantage.

Besides, you can also manually enable adjustments to Skip a program that immediately after unlocking Moto X.

To set the update function as well as the Skip, you need to download an application developed by Motorola (the app is not yet available on Google Play Store). Skip expected price of $ 20.
Moto X: Skip
The second kit is the Navigation Dock. The Dock positioning is made by Griffin and company are optimized for Moto X. When you look at the shape of Navigation Dock, surely you have guessed this is the accessory mounted on the car. Yes, you do have the Moto X and was driving, but did not specify the path, GPS Navigation Dock will take on the Moto X and clearly displays the location as well as suggest the shortest route for you. Motorola Moto X that will automatically switch modes Car Mode when you insert it into the Navigation Dock.

Expected Price of Navigation Dock for Moto X is $ 39.95.
Navigation Dock for Moto X is $ 39.95
Navigation Dock
Source: Motorola


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