Photography app Cam Pro official for Nokia Lumia 920/925/928 (Download)

Soon after the release of Amber GDR2 updates for Lumia 920/928 via OTA protocol, the official Nokia yesterday also allows users to download applications most photographed features Pro Cam as promised earlier. In addition to Pro Cam, invite you to download 2 software support for video content Video Trimmer and Video Upload is also newly released Nokia Collection.
Nokia Pro Cam
Nokia Pro Cam
Cam Pro is the professional photography application was originally developed exclusively for Nokia Lumia 1020. With Lumia 920/928/925, Cam Pro also supports custom extensions such as ISO, focal length, white balance, exposure, shutter speed. Thereby, you will be able to use the camera on my Lumia with similar experience a professional camera. In addition, the Pro Cam, you can also shoot video with customized and high-quality stereo sound.

Nokia Video Trimmer
Besides the image editing application, Video Trimmer is used for cutting applications specialist video. You can easily get rid of the excess of its video recording or just grab the best frame. Once the cut is complete, you can save video to computer or uploaded and shared on Facebook, YouTube. Currently, when click sharing via YouTube, Video Trimmer will automatically open the YouTube app to upload Microsoft. However, since this application was temporarily blocked by Google, so we have to wait for Microsoft to fix the new normal use.

Nokia Video Upload
This is an application that supports Video Trimmer. While Microsoft fix the YouTube app "master key", you can still upload videos to share this service with Video Upload. At the same time, you can name the clip before you download.
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