Socialife Version 4.0 download for Xperia 2012 (Android 4.1)

Socialife Version 4.0 download cho Xperia 2012 (Android 4.1)
Socialife Version 4.0 download cho Xperia 2012 (Android 4.1)
Sony has begun allowing users to Xperia 2013 download, some of the phones Xperia 2012. The upgraded information management applications and social network to the new version 4.0 Socialife stronger. However, with a sample of other Xperia 2012 regardless rom root or rom runs genuine
Android 4.1 or higher will be able to install this application file below.
According to the experience faster Socialife this new version runs much faster, creating more excitement to the user when any information or facebook news feed formats are updated quickly in just a single screen (Headlines ). Programs running in no ram is lightweight, does not take up too much battery. You are advised to install and test this application experience.

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Sources: Sonyviet


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