What is Unlock Bootloader, Root, Recovery, Rom, Kenel ?

Unlock boot loader is what ? ( This custom label , his current show only HTC , Sony and Motorola Lock Bootloader apply )
Unlock boot loader will allow your phone to use the dosage ROM ( custom ROM ) . However, if no demand , you
What is Unlock Bootloader, Root, Recovery, Rom, Kenel ?
unlock the boot loader for your phone . After that you can unlock the boot loader will lose the warranty on your phone . And there will be firmware error repair by
Sony Ericsson Update Service
Sony Ericsson PC Companion
However, if you have problems you can expect to pay fees to the phone warranty on software problems .

Root basically means that there is " full " access into your device . Those who have used Linux OS will easily understand this , but for users like us are familiar with the operating system of Microsoft , the problem is still something rather vague . Understandable words , the " Root " means you will get complete control and what proactive in your phone and what providers have hidden it away . When you " root " , you are officially owned and controlled entirely by telephone ban.Dieu the nature of this event it 's like you are a tenant and the owner of a house . If you are a tenant , you are only entitled to what used on all providers , but as a home owner , you have the right to do things such as painting , home repair , fitting and equipment the other device ... the root cause the machine to become a true master .

Literally meaning Recovery Restore . Speaking more specifically as part of the special boot device . Normally when the machine is in the off state , if you press the power button ( Power ) , the phone will boot normally into the OS , but if you press certain key combinations depending on the series ( which is key source ) , the phone will boot in Recovery mode .
There are two types of recovery :

Stock Recovery: When buying a new machine on , you have not been fiddling bar fix anything then this mode will be restored to their factory new state .
Custom Recovery : The recovery has been the back to serve a certain purpose . For example, nandroid backup , flashzip , the update .....

When using Android , you typically ROM up to bring new features to help optimize machine or operation of equipment . It is only for those who like fiddling with bar , bored of the original Rom Producer ( without too much ) , looking adventurous to something newer or more .... and more .
There are 2 types of ROM :

Stock rom : the original rom manufacturer , may well be of the net.
Rom cook : the rom is custom programmers from stock rom , rom one from another computer but can also be from a family like Cyanogen or MIUI rom .
What is Kernel ?

This concept refers to the kernel in software applications is low (low- level) system , capable of dynamically change to match the hardware . We interact with all applications and operating in user mode mode , allowing the other process - also known as server , receiving information from the other components through inter - process communication ( IPC ) .
Simply put, it 's as Driver Windows machine !


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