Google Open Project, the project makes sharing content from your Smartphone to an external monitor

Google is currently testing a project that allows users to "slideshow " What content from any smartphone 's screen to an external monitor . This project named Open Project and Google engineers see it as a framework to use as a standard in the future . Open Project works like this: when you're watching something that feels or smartphone , you can use a special software to scan the QR code on an external display , such as TV . Meanwhile, the QR code will be transformed into a rectangle representing the size and position of the frame which we projected onto prepared . Using the camera on a smartphone , users can move this rectangle to the desired location , using two fingers to zoom sizes . When you're satisfied , simply click a button is all that is displayed in the app on the smartphone will be shared to the TV .
 Google Open Project, the project makes sharing content from your smartphone to an external monitor
Google Open Project

Google adds that if the external display with touch support , we can also interact with the smartphone through it and not need to click directly on the phone. You can take advantage of this feature to play multiplayer games , or to make a presentation to the group at the same time with many people . And of course the Open Project will use the wireless connection to work , we can forget the image of the cable with HDMI or MHL .

Open Project Solution can be applied on any type of screen , whether it's TV , computer monitor screens in public places or even the laptop screen . QR code above will be used to determine the secondary screen and it can be downloaded through a web browser . Open Framework Project can also be third-party developers to integrate their applications just by linking to a library created by Google not need hardware or special sensors .

In fact today there are also some companies have used such ideas , such as Sony or Nokie , to project images from the smartphone to an external monitor , but it is limited in that its own app rather than bring openness as Open Project to integrate multiple third-party app . It is unclear how long the Open Project officially went into operation .
Note: In the video below you will see QR codes into a rectangular checkerboard pattern . This pattern on smartphone cameras used to monitor the coordinates of the frame on the external display
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