Guide to Minion lock screen for Android

Once done, lock your screen will look like below and unlock by pulling the teeth of the Minion below:
Guide to Minion lock screen for Android
Guide to Minion lock screen for Android 
Tools needed:
  • WidgetLocker LockScreen
  • UCCW
  • Resources (in this wallpaper in 1280 * 720 format, you can resize to the correct format for your phone, including HD also is not afraid to break; cop Minion file to sdcard / data / com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker / themes; elegante_date.uccw copy files to sdcard / UltimateCustomClockWidget)
  • Font

  • install WidgetLocker
  • Open WidgetLocker, hold on everything available on the screen -> Remove
  • In WidgetLocker settings:

Lock & Feel -> Hide Notification Bar
Advanced -> Widget Overlap
Look & Feel -> Layout -> 12 * 12
Look & Feel -> Alternative Wallpaper -> Select Wallpapers -> Choose wallpaper above Minion
  • Back on the main screen of WidgetLocker
  • Hold the position you see in the image Minion teeth -> Add Custom Slider -> Choose the theme Minion, and then hold out for the right to resize image
  • Hold on main screen WidgetLocker -> Add UCCW -> select theme Minion
  • Click date just watches more, adjust the position, font, such as in image

The fix for font UCCW who do not know:
- Created 1 fodel external memory card fonts sdcard / fonts
- Unzip the downloaded font file on the sdcard / fonts
- Click on the clock date just added, click on the time and place chosen for the background # 1 controls the controls you swipe to the right to select the font # 4 -> done


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