(Video) On Hand Blackberry Z30 smartphones, price 620 USD

On Hand Blackberry Z30 smartphones

The smartphone "predecessor" of it - BlackBerry Z10 - was not impressed with the strength of the BlackBerry faithful are not, because there are too few applications. We can say, BlackBerry Z30 is the best to date, after it had been wrung from experience Z10 products.
The big screen (5 inches), BlackBerry Curve actively stroked the side of the machine, rounded corners make products feel soft and more petite. In addition, the holding, the user will also be more comfortable.

However, this model has received little criticism for not using obsolete platform chipset is quite Snapdargon S4 Pro dual-core, 1.7 GHz speed. Some of the other parameters including HD screen 1080 x 720 pixels, 2880 mAh battery and 2 GB RAM.

In Malaysia, this product will be sold for RM 1,998 (equivalent to 620 USD), less than RM 2,188 (675 USD) and the BlackBerry Z10 RM 2,388 (728 USD) of Q10.

BlackBerry Version 10.2 is integrated add some new features, such as BlackBerry Priority Hub. BlackBerry on BlackBerry Hub DO have assumed quite different message types, it will choose Priority Hub messaging applications (applications are considered most important) to highlight the message on the other. In addition, you can also choose to prioritize applications by selecting Add / Remove Priority.


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