(Video) On hand Iphone 5C, plastic test

On hand Iphone 5C, plastic test

After much anticipation , iPhone 5C was officially launched with colorful plastic and similar specs iPhone 5 . Immediately after the launch , two technology site Cnet and The Verge has made a
preliminary assessment of the first iPhone 5C .

The exterior design
Unlike glass design and premium metal used on the iPhone 4 , iPhone 5C own design using plastic polycarbonate scratch-resistant coating . Processing quality of the Apple iPhone 5c ensure that users " will not see the connections , components or pieces of the intersection ." Machine to make sense of holding hands . From a distance similar to the iPhone 5C " a candy bar " rather than a phone .

It also sports a brightly colored shell and thicker than the iPod Touch 5th generation . Although iPhone 5C steel frame underneath polycarbonate shell , but the feeling when holding not too rigid but instead is comfortable and soothing . The external physical buttons such as volume keys , power key and shift key not be silenced or made ​​from chrome-plated metal . Instead, they use the same color as the plastic body .

Hardware Specifications
iPhone 5C configuration essentially identical to the current iPhone 5 , but more new colors , FaceTime HD camera on the front for a better experience , and have a larger capacity battery , but only iPhone 5C 16GB and 32GB is not 64GB version like the iPhone 5S .

iPhone 5C owners 4 inch Retina display , A6 processor use . after the iPhone 5C Camera resolution 8MP camera and FaceTime HD front of this smartphone is also significantly upgraded . iPhone 5C also supports LTE frequency bands so it will definitely be Apple offers broad worldwide .

From the above parameters showed iPhone 5C seems to be a minor upgrade of the iPhone 5 now . With a weight of 132g , iPhone 5C also heavier than the iPhone 5 ( 112g ) . It is known that , with the launch of iPhone 5C , Apple has decided to stop producing iPhone 5 by iPhone 5C took the $ 99 price of the " veterans " of this . However, even though production stopped Apple iPhone 5 but continues to maintain sample was 2 years old phones is iPhone 4S . 8GB iPhone 4S will be offered free with the purchase of the network contract .

Apple also provides iPhone 5C users rubber fittings with soft shell $ 29 / pcs with different color options . The shell has a soft matte surface , hand grip ball , not the back of the iPhone as 5C should birds can help users make more machines avoid being slippery .

Apple says iPhone 5C will be " impressive battery life " and the given parameters , the machine will provide better battery life than the iPhone 5 , especially when browsing the Internet on LTE ( long is 10 times greater than 8 hours on the iPhone 5 ) . To 250 hours standby time than the iPhone 5 to 225 hours.

According to Apple , it will be sold for $ 99 USD respectively and 199 USD with a two year contract for the two versions . For a network unlocked , 16GB iPhone 5C will be $ 549 (equivalent to 11.5 million) , the 32GB is $ 649 (approximately 13.6 million) , a price is not cheap as expected wait of many.


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