(Video) On hand iPhone 5S, price $849

On hand iPhone 5S,  price $849

iPhone 5S is equipped with completely new chipset called the A7, Apple announced the CPU speed is 40 times faster than the first-generation iPhone, and times faster than the iPhone 5. However, this
is only due to official information provided by Apple, and in fact will have tests to verify the strength of the A7 chip.

The A7 is the first chip was developed based on 64-bit architectures, while iOS 7 is the operating system for 64-bit chip, but it is compatible with all the chips 32 - bit.

A7 processor also supports OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics provide higher quality graphics, allowing you to calculate the time of your effects such as depth of field, blurring, texture and luster full screen lights. iPhone 5S also has a "motion processor" new M7. M7 will continuously measure the motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, which will lead to "a new generation of applications that exercise and the new health care". It works with the application programming interface CoreMotion new API in iOS 7 with the ability to determine the motion of the user.
Source: @slasngear


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