(Video) Smartphone iPhone 5C Unboxing, version 16Gb

(Video) Smartphone iPhone 5C Unboxing, 16Gb

The iPhone 5c have on hand to share with you in this article is white and 16GB. From pre-debut until now , many people mistakenly iPhone 5c is cheap , but Apple did not think so . With horizontal configuration with the iPhone 5 , It's not wrong to think that Apple used a plastic phone to replace a sturdy aluminum casing and held it for the first time on his hands that Apple was going in the right direction . Benefits of plastic that allows them to launch more color options , bringing freshness to the product while in the sophisticated processing helps 5c is not a phone like many plastic products on the market .

Apple is not the path as previous Nokia or HTC , which use strong and durable polycarbonate plastic for iPhone 5c . The biggest difference between 5c and the Lumia or One X that Apple glossy surface is scratch-resistant matte instead of good . This paint ball feeling more youthful color , sometimes it makes you feel is not holding a phone which is glass, plastic or the like . Apple was wise for plastic reinforcement on 5c a metal layer inside for increased rigidity , besides second benefit is the antenna . After a short time my hand holding the camera iphone 5c shows that the iPhone 5c is a good phone , very sturdy with smooth edges. Can plastic layer will make the machine easy to scratch the ball more , but that's not big deal if you put a nice top.

All the buttons on the side are made ​​of plastic and is almost similar to the iPhone 5 . When holding , I do not see that too much iPhone 5c heavier than the iPhone 5 in the thickness of the machine a little thicker . The configuration of the machine is similar to the Apple iPhone 5 includes A6 CPU , 1GB RAM , 8MP camera , an LED , and 16GB/32GB of internal memory is built-in Apple iOS 7 . I'm not talking about the performance of 5c and will save the detailed review , but if you 've used the iPhone 5 , you will not find it much different .


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