Xperia Z1 major firmware update (14.1.G.2.213)

A photograph of the "about" the Xperia Z1 has revealed that models will soon be getting a new firmware update is 14.1.G.2.213 code. This will not merely fix a bug that will be major updates to add new features to the machine.
Xperia Z1 major firmware update (14.1.G.2.213)
But unfortunately when the operating system version is still Android 4.2.2, kernel 3.4.0. It is unclear when Sony will upgrade the next version of Android, but do not exclude the possibility that the company will "leapfrog" to Android 4.4 in the next 1-2 months.
Xperia Z1 major firmware update (14.1.G.2.213)
Source: XperiaBlog


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