Google Nexus 5 will use MEMS camera for fast autofocus speed

According to some leaked code is said to be from Google Nexus 5 , the machine will use cluster number IMX179 camera . This figure is quite real and it is the camera MEMS are produced by Digital Optics . According to the advertising company's MEMS technology allows the camera to lock focus 7 times faster than traditional cameras . In addition, it can also capture many images in sequence with very high speed , and if the object does not move too fast , we can apply style shoot- like focus later camera Lytro so . If the code is correct , the leaked Google Nexus 5 will be the first smartphone to be integrated MEMS technology , paving the way for the introduction of camera assemblies to many more devices .
Google Nexus 5 will use MEMS camera for fast autofocus speed
Google Nexus 5 will use MEMS camera for fast autofocus speed

In addition to the above capabilities , a number of other information about IMX179 including FSI sensor resolution 8 megapixel , f/2.4 aperture ( large compared with the average of the current smartphone ) , size 1/3 , 2 " ( like the majority of other smartphone ) . course bringing a very new technology like this to create smartphone still questionable , however anything can happen . Previously vice president Google technique has also been revealed that the camera on the Nexus phone will be " wildly fantastic ."

Besides Digital Optics , Pelican Imaging company is also developing technology after capture but before AF array using 16 lenses . The company is investing Nokia product and is expected to launch next year .

More information about the MEMS technology of Google Nexus 5 camera 
MEMS stands for microelectromechanical of ( micro -electromechanical systems ) and technology appear in many places , from the microphone to the gyro and pressure gauge are used in tiny phone our . The use of MEMS chip is required to produce ultra- clean environment , as well as the processor so . Other MEMS inductors with motor ( VCM ) is being widely used now in place to bring MEMS precision operations is much higher , and the efficiency of energy consumption may be up to several hundred times higher than . HTC One also uses dual microphones to reduce noise MEMS membrane and increase sound quality .

The camera on this smartphone is used to perform VCM focus . Everything started when an electrical current is sent to the coil , the coil will respond by moving the camera lens in the direction of clusters of a magnet inside. With each move, the camera will determine whether the image has the right stroke or not , if not then continue to move a step further and re-evaluate . This process can take up to one second to complete , and the inaccuracy caused loud noise .

MEMS technology , by contrast , it allows the camera 's AF Digital Optics 7 times faster than the VCM technology , the camera clusters more compact size when only 5.1 mm in height . It uses electrostatic forces to press for a single component should move faster to bring . Power consumption when operating the camera MEMS cluster is only about 1mW , only 1 % compared to VCM , thereby extending battery life for the device , reducing the amount of heat can affect the image sensor , the lens and the body parts around .
As mentioned above , in addition to ultra-fast auto focus capabilities , MEMS camera can capture many images in many different strokes account for energy use credits " shoot- focus later" . It also helps the continuous shooting is faster, create HDR video , ...

information about the MEMS technology
Information about the MEMS technology


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