Guide Root and install smartphone LG Optimus G2

Whether we like it or not, the root is always necessary to manipulate a new Android phone , the LG Optimus G2 , especially when you want to renovate the unfriendly interface and Navigation Bar , volume . Of course, with Android , you can use the machine normally and do not need root to do anything , but if you want it should also try to learn about it through the article : Learn about Android root . In this article I guide only root and add some editing on LG Optimus G2 genuine version .
Guide Root and install smartphone LG G2
So I just want to edit a bit and would like to wait for the OTA update ( if any ! ? ), no installation or recovery rom cook . Basically , after root you can do a lot of fun then , so every root and explore.

Now go into the details of the steps root LG Optimus G2  :
1 . Download and install the driver for Windows : Link driver of D802 .

2 . Enable the Options of the developer ( Developer Mode ) by going to Settings - > General - > About phone - > Software Information - > hit 8 times on the " Create some " - English is the Build number.

3 . Next on " The developer's Options " and Enable the " Debug USB " ( USB Debugging )
Guide Root and install smartphone LG G2

4 . Download the zip file , unzip on Windows ( where are stored ) . Zip Link : - should refer to the original XDA thread has been updated to the latest zip file .

5 . LG G2 Plug into your computer and run the file root.bat . Table cmd appears, press any key to continue
Guide Root and install smartphone LG G2

6 . Note that this time it will appear on the G2 bulletin board requires authentication . Click OK to continue
Guide Root and install smartphone LG G2

7 . Go back to cmd on Windows , this time the machine will automatically stop operation and notify as shown below .
Guide Root and install smartphone LG G2

8 . As you are now holding notice to withdraw the cable . In the " The developer's Options " and uncheck " USB Debugging " ( USB Debugging ) . After dropping the option to click on the item again . Then continue G2 plug the USB cable to the computer and press any key to continue.

9 . Root software on Windows to confirm your request again . Regardless , press any key to continue the process of root
Guide Root and install smartphone LG G2

10 . Done . You have complete root , but presented to the 10 steps , but the total time is only about 2 to 3 minutes , you need to understand before reading . The next section is the simple custom for LG G2 .
Reference source: Tinhte


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