Had Windows 10 Mobile: no need for WP 8.1, fixes many bugs

     True to rumors, today Microsoft has officially released Windows 10 Mobile builds 10149. Notably, it is you can update straight from 10080 or 10136 to build the new version without having to flash again opposite WP 8.1 . Project Spartan browser has renamed Edge, the address bar is being moved downwards and have more options in the form of desktop web page. Note that bookmarks, cookies or browsing history will be synchronized from the Spartan to the Edge, you must reset it manually. Live Tile phenomena cells outside dimmed the Start screen are overcome, many icons and menus have been changed. Microsoft also promised that Windows 10 10 149 Mobile will build smoother, faster.


  • After the upgrade is completed, the lock screen on your machine may be stiff for about 10 minutes. In essence, not exactly stiff, moving machine data (migrating) from the old to build the new build there but notice on the screen has not been added to the Microsoft operating system. Therefore, please be patient to wait the machine complete update of all, when part time and date have shown that you can unlock the phone for use. If you are impatient and restart the machine, it will have a lot of problems later.
  • If you upgraded from build up and error 10080 80,091,007, wait a minute. Microsoft will soon overcome this problem.

Some other changes in the Windows 10 build 10 149 Mobile:

  • Cortana's Notebook feature is excellent, combining with each page Profile and Settings
  • Quick settings area of ​​Action Center more quickly toggle flash
  • The new Photos app has been brought up Windows Store Beta to more easily update later, it was improved in terms of performance, stability, support play animated GIF images (on the machine with 1GB RAM from becoming). Album area also shows additional photos stored on the computer when you browse the web, screen shots, and camera roll
  • Backing up photos from your camera will now be managed from OneDrive app, no longer through the Photos app as in WP 8.1

The problem has been fixed in build 10 149:
  • Error can not use the feature to block messages, the call was correct
  • Fixed a bug with no current SMS notification
  • Corrected some issues that can not or hardly app installed by Store Beta
  • Error correction can not hide navigation bar

Some problems still exist:

  • Insider Hub app is temporarily removed in these builds, they will be added in later builds
  • Sometimes the keyboard to enter a PIN will not work when the unlock machine. How to overcome it will be pulled down Action Center, select a specific notification to call up the PIN keypad
  • There is a rather rare case, it's doubtful it will continuously enter the PIN to unlock your computer. If you are like that, let alone machine untouched for about 1-2 hours.
  • If you have an account login to Gmail, Messaging applications may be having problems sending and receiving messages. Just reboot is complete and the company is overcoming it
  • Some applications may display incorrect color menu.
Source: Microsoft


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