Smartphone on its way to becoming a comprehensive interactive tool

Smartphone HTC One with infrared transmitter to control TVs integrated into the power button.
Mobile communication devices are not only focused on developing hardware but also develop unique features that can be used to make payments, quality assessment or environmental health tracking users.
Mobile phone with basic functionality born over 40 years ago, is designed primarily to be used for the purposes of the hearing, calling, texting. However, over time with improvements in technology, this device today is really a personal computer portable miniature. Users can use the phone for many different purposes such as video, photography, video, Internet access, games and many other needs.

Users have witnessed the advent of smartphones series from the highest high to the manufacturer's name, the race marked incessantly about technology in the industry mobile device. Typically smartphone HTC One stunning aluminum enclosure with a series of trick photography software, the handset of Samsung Galaxy S4 can stop and replay video when the user looks away and Lumia 920 smartphones Nokia is the first handset introduced wireless charging style and ultra-sensitive screen to control whether they are wearing gloves.

The smartphone is equipped with the current configuration more "terrorist", the screen size and resolution quality superior. Even phone manufacturers are racing to develop the superphone and phablet form, is basically the smartphone, but there are high profile and larger screen. Besides, analysts said that all current smartphone technology will certainly improve in the future. The camera of the future smartphone more "dots" and take pictures sharper, more durable screen and can even bend, as well as the battery will be used for longer time. In the technological world of the future, smartphones will also be much more attractive improvements.

End of period hardware evolution
But for believers "soft" technology, most of the current top phones still almost full of functions to satisfy them. The additional software and hardware besides the basic functionality is impressive though, convenient, logical and useful, but there is a lack of them.

A technology expert said that smartphones now have all evolutionary stages of development. Sure, shapes and materials will change, but the period ended breakthrough improvements for the entire smartphone.

Having said that does not mean the smartphone has been death or outdated. In contrast, the smartphone will become increasingly influential in interacting with the world around us, but more complex in terms of data and information.

Besides the wireless communication technology popular today as Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity as standard smartphone Miracast to connect with other appliances, future users will certainly find most smartphones are interface equipped NFC (near field communication) and can be used for payment, security, data exchange and many other applications are expected in anywhere.

Concentrate on the development of unique software features
Most users may never appreciate the sensors on their current smartphone. The sensor is capable of calculating and operational data on speed, rotation and ambient light conditions around the phone. In addition, the smartphone also has the component has not been properly appreciated as the gyroscope, the accelerometer, the measurement from ... are increasingly popular. Samsung has taken the lead to bring the pressure sensor, temperature and humidity on the phone Galaxy S4. This may not be the most attractive features of the phone, but in the future, as the sensor accelerometer will be able to collect more informed and more detailed information.

The scientists also give ideas smartphone proposal should have an air quality sensor. Like Waze app features map to find solutions to the city and traffic conditions, the sensor can collect useful data about the unexpected air quality in the world. Then, this data will be used to monitor changes in global weather, check the contaminants or allergies via a smartphone system.

Comments on so many experts in their response because, sometimes users need to quantify the environmental factors. In addition to the air quality, temperature and speed of movement as well as the two factors to quantify. In the future, the sensor power and health are integrated into smartphone to monitor your heart rate, or even can be used as electrical design center, turning the smartphone into a commonly used medical devices.

Application expanding smartphone into a medical device called "accessory application" (appcessory). It is a specialized peripheral software used to meet very specific requirements, the requirement that most people do not need for their regular phone.

Over the years, smartphones have used several indirect input to mute the sound when the lid folds, voice dialing. Understand the broader gestures and voice input is a polynomial model, is basically not finger touch screen or keyboard.
Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone allows users gesture or optical physics to perform these tasks.

Smartphone Future - Tools of real world social
In summary, the improvements that users see in future mobile can relate more to help smartphone communicate with other computing devices in the ecosystem rather than concern smartphone camera lens cover many megapixels or ultrapixel, or use the right skin type to wrap the frame of the smartphone. Think thoroughly, in an environment of progressive future smartphone, the device will not be any gap. Conversely, there will be more smartphones composition and communication tool to interact more with people and other devices than ever before.
You can use built-in sensors such as infrared ray to Galaxy S4 TV remote.

The future of the smartphone can be used in sensors and machine language to identify other objects around. For example, if in the future you to phone in the car for 5 hours, then it will respond by phone or email to let you know where your phone is. When someone put their phone on the table very close to your phone, it will make a noise and flashing red lights because you have set the options to react phone.

Then, people can use the phone as a social tool in the real world rather than on the social network, and without any information being transmitted is bad because you have set up mode selected and ordered what phones can share, what should not be shared. When you approach someone, the basic information about them you have to know and be able to initiate a conversation then.

Finally, instead of focusing on the development configuration inside the phone, the analysts believe that future smartphones will be improved in line with the world around you than ever before.


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