Synthesis and rumors of Android 4.3/5.0 features ahead of Google I / O

Only about a week longer than the event Google I / O 2013 will take place. This is where Google is expected to announce the next version of Android, which can be 5.0 or 4.3 Key Lime Pie Jelly Bean as a number of rumors in the past. So as of now, we have rumors regarding the operating system, features that are expected in the next version of Android? The point should be added to help Google mobile operating system its better, more complete? Invite you to join us for the following article.

1. Some rumors about the new Android

On 31/1 the last in a Qualcomm roadmap leaked that Android 5.0 will be released around May this year, which is timely as Google I / O 2013 took place. Google is a software developer and do not be surprised when it gives its hardware partners (Qualcomm) with information about the new OS version. By day 20/4, sources said site Android Community Android 5.0 will seem to appear on a 4G network using LTE Nexus 4 (previously all Nexus 4 sold globally are only compatible with network although 3G HSPA + chip that supports 4G). But just four days later, the news site said internal sources from Google revealed that Android 5.0 will not appear in the Google I / O this time and the release date was moved from 2 to 4 months. The reason given is that Google wants is for his partner to add more time, so that they can complete the process of updating Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for their existing equipment.

Android 4.3 appearing in the server logs

Besides, the more evidence of Android 4.3 has also appeared in "Gypsy" in the past few weeks, while Android 5.0 is only offered in the form of rumors stopped. Android 4.3 has appeared in the history of access to the site AndroidPolice server, the device also uses it as Nexus 7, Nexus 4. The build was found JWR23B code, in which the first letter (J) similar to all the previous Android Jelly Bean to Android 4.3 is almost certainly still be called by this name. Notably, the 2 range of IP addresses using the Nexus 7/4 above are derived from Google. This is the IP Strip AndroidPolice have access to the new Android version even before they are published. In summary, it is likely that Android 4.3 will be Google products being announced in May rather than Android 5.0.

2. What about Google's new device, why?
As noted above, many recent online rumors that Google will announce a new version of the Nexus 4 is capable of running on 4G LTE networks and built the next version of Android. Inside the machine configuration is similar to the current Nexus 4 with four processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB RAM, 16GB or 8GB of internal memory, screen 4.7 "1280 x 768. Nexus 5 with "triple sensor" Nikon also listed as rumored, however appears quite likely cyclical low because Google launched the new device is 1 year, whereas only 4 new Nexus was introduced in May 10 last year.

Motorola phone leaked in the past Subtle

Also talk to your phone, Google is expected to launch new smartphones produced by Motorola and now have two "series" rumors related to it. Said first series of X-Phone with a peak configuration, including processor last four, 2GB or 3GB of RAM, screen 5 "Full-HD, water-resistant, high strength, battery up to 3000mAh, 4000mAh even. said the second series of a machine "had enough" of course config is still strong, but Google mostly focuses on battery, more durable. fact, the machine " barely used "had first appeared in the recent Delicate account @ evleaks also publish similar information.

One other hardware are also likely to be unveiled at Google I / O this year is the new generation Nexus 7. Last year also introduced Nexus 7 at Google I / O. When we consider additional product refresh cycle 1 year, the probability of Google "Nexus 7 II" launched even higher than the new Nexus or Motorola. Rumors continue that Asus is a manufacturer of cheap tablet for Google, and prices range from only $ 149 to $ 199, the same as the current Nexus 7.

3. The new features are rumored to be available on Android 4.3/5.0

Linux Kernel 3.8
In last February, page Android Central says Google is working on version 3.8 for Linux kenrel integrated into Android. One of the improvements are worth the price of Linux 3.8 which is less than the amount of RAM consumption, meaning that we have multitasking performance on the Android smartphone and tablet better.

Babel chat service
Google also is reportedly developing a chat service called Babel, it may appear on the web and indispensable app for Android. It was rumored that Babel will be integrated into the next version of Android, and it provides functionality roughly equivalent to Viber, WhatsApp ... Babel could be an attempt by Google to unify multiple messaging services to together, including Talk, Hangouts, Voice, Messenger, Chat for Google Drive and Chat on Google+.

Improving gaming
By the end of last month, MyGlass application source code (to connect phones with Google Glass) that Android will be the feature game focuses on multiplayer games. Accordingly, Android will integrate a number of tools for the multiplayer game, such as playing in real time or turn based, in-game chat, the performance statistics, where the head of the list of the game. Also, an option to invite friends to join the game and reveal the source code of the app. All of the above will help programmers integrate multi-player mode in the game quickly because they do not have to put effort in order to develop the necessary components for each new game. Previously, iOS has a feature for the same purpose as above and call it Apple Game Center. If the information is accurate, it will help to better compete with Android iOS game on the field.
Screenshots leaked files related to Multiplayer Features

Information on the top panel (Leaderboard)

Invite other people to play (Invitation)

The new interface

We do not have many rumors about the interface of the next version of Android, but Google Play based on the new 4.0 release lately maybe we will see a more dynamic interface, more colorful and bright more. Since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has applied for its operating system called a Holo theme and it includes graphic elements in black, blue, white. This theme is very popular, but many people also have you processed that it looks too dark and monotonous. The move to apply the new colors can help attract more users to the Android, especially the original Android devices such as the Nexus.

4. These features should be added to the Google Android

On the rumors, but now we'll talk to a few things that Google can add to help Android become more complete and better service life.

1. Create a profile using your phone
Profile on CyanogenMod ROM

Currently Android does not provide the profile ("Profile") for us to customize your phone customized purpose and point of use, just install the ROM when Cook or use the new software with the help of this feature . Imagine that at the school or agency you must change the vibration mode manually, at bedtime to turn off data manually is really time consuming. It optimizes system performance through profile features should also be added to optimize Android hardware power. For example, Google can use a profile for the game, then it will use the full power of hardware that does not pay much attention to the issue of battery power. A different profile for saving the battery, another one to help balance performance - battery life. Currently there are also some manufacturers carry this profile to your device, but this figure is not much. If it is part of the operating system, many people will have access to more functional profile.

2. Enhanced support for social networks
Social + widget, part of the social networking features (also known as Social +) on LG phones

iOS is very well integrated with Facebook and Twitter directly on the operating system, Windows Phone also extremely delicious handshake with Facebook to create a system synchronization across all machines with different content. Android is so far also supports synchronization with social networks, but this only happens when we install the app into the social network. This is nothing difficult, but it is still time-consuming and more steps iOS and Windows Phone. The equipment manufacturer has now overcome this drawback by the software itself, for example, LG Social +, Sony systematic Timescape, Samsung Social Hub, but not to take over if Google stands out integrate it into a common component or what? Agree that Google has its own social network Google+ is, however, still there are many other services that people use a lot.

3. Allows you to select multiple contacts at the same time

Android's contacts app also quite useful, but it would be better to allow users to select multiple contacts at once. This feature will be very useful when we want to send a private message or email to multiple people at once. Currently, if users want to send, then we must add addresses turn them into the receiver, time consuming and prone to error. Google should add a check box (checkbox) in front of the contacts app like Gmail's interface to cater for this feature.

4. Sync data between multiple devices together

Often we will sync contacts, calendar, email ... between multiple devices together through a Google account. However, some data systems such as call history, SMS, alarm ... they must use third-party app to sync. Features of the app outside sometimes unstable, the sync does not guarantee instant (because you have to order backup / restore / sync manually) and not everyone can pick up a good enough software. If Google can do it, then it will create an advantage for themselves, the users feel more cheerful and happy.

5. Standardize the headset connected to Android

With iPhone, you can mount virtually any integrated headset controls for volume up and answer the call, including the use of headsets from manufacturers outside. As for Android, a headset is not necessarily the end user with all phones. Of course, the audio features no matter what, then, is the key here controls only. Or if used with many types of function buttons are also different, for example when using the Nexus Galaxy S 3 or 4 times, then press the two buttons on the headset will switch designed tracks, also in HTC One Call just contact the nearest number. To address this situation, people turn to the software such as JAYS Headset Control, but it can not be good by Google standardize on Android using headphones. Remember that the number of users able to solve the error tinkering not much so what are built very precious.

6. Standardization of share options
Three share menu now on Android

Up to the present time, the sharing on Android will be done via the Share button, but it is noteworthy that there are three different ways to allow you to share. The first option appears to share the progress along the list, the second is the large icons and the final grid using a small menu. Even the written application by Google also uses different interfaces share and you can order as verified by the Gallery app, Chrome, YouTube. Many different types of interfaces that our actions are not uniform throughout the system, when they have to manipulate this, when they do that. People programmers call this "inconsistency", one of the things I wanted to sign the application design.

What about you, what features you would like to have on Android 4.3/5.0?


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