Triluminos technology and processor picture X-Reality above what is Xperia Z Ultra ?

When Sony Full HD screen equipped with Bravia Engine 2 technology on the Xperia Z, many people expect this machine will display the same quality of color saturation level will be very high. Indeed, it has been expected to repay part of the image on the Z is very smooth and nice, but the limitations of this type of TFT LCD screen that Sony applied to the Z / ZL remains that the disadvantages pale color, narrow perspective, Bravia Engine 2 in a number of conditions highlighting some exaggerated color. And perhaps after noticing these things, Sony has decided to replace the Bravia Engine 2 by Triluminos along with retrofitted image processing chip X-Reality on the Ultra Z, to increase visibility and ability to color coordinate a more accurate, more realistic.
According to the article on hand Z Ultra, Ultra Z screen for quality display more amazing, the color, not opaque phenomena such as Z. So why Triluminos technology with X-Reality may offset the weaknesses inherent to the type of TFT LCD screen? This article will explain further questions.

Recalling technology Triluminos
The ability to reproduce the color of the screen than the screen often Triluminos

First glance to understand the mechanism of the LCD using LED backlight technology generally: The LED backlight LCD screen typically use blue LEDs intensity is coated with a phosphor to create light white light. The light then passes through a filter with three primary colors are red, blue, green. However, this component is not highly selective features, such as the red filter still allows a little orange light pass through. When red and pure green are mixed, they produce images with colors looked pale. This is the drawback of the LCD screen compared to the previous CRT.

While LCD technology used by Sony Triluminos will make use of uncoated LEDs placed in a glass tube filled with quantum dots, red and green leaf supplied by the company QD Vision (based in Massachusetts, USA). Two dots will absorb a portion of the light from the backlight and blue emission to red and pure green. With this method, the light passing through the red filter will bring true red, similar to the other color. As a result we get the level of color reproduction more accurate, better images than using phosphor coated LEDs.

In addition, this technology allows semiconductor nanocrystals used in extremely small size (about 10 nm), they are too small to be of the nature of quantum particles and light emission at a wavelength certain. As a result we get the images with colors (color bands that can reproduce screen) than the normal 50%.

Finally, what is the result?

Technology will help Triluminos TFT LCD screen on the Ultra Z becomes more brilliant, for wider viewing angles and better color fidelity.

Treatment technology, X-Reality picture

If Triluminos be responsible for the color, the overall image of the interface, the X-Reality will be a more complex task: improving the quality of images and video is displayed on the Ultra Z. More specifically, the image processing chip X-Reality on the Ultra Z will help as well as video images become sharper, reduce noise, increase contrast and color saturation to ensure excellence is always stable.

How does it work? According to Sony, any signal before the image projected on the screen will be X-Reality "shredded" into several different components including texture, outline, contrast and color. Each component will be processed and analyzed separately, in order to ensure the sharpness, clarity consistently high before being "grafted" back into the final image. In short, can be understood literally helps X-Reality video, picture becomes clearer, more detailed, along with the color saturation and contrast is improved significantly. Of course, that does not mean that you can X-Reality picture processing a blur, noise is captured by a range smartphone with 2mp camera - 3MP, a beautiful image with high quality, something also has its limitations, and X-Reality too!

Video and photos on the Ultra Z will have higher contrast, truer color, better display quality thanks to X-Reality picture processing

Currently Sony is using two solutions to improve low quality pictures on the TV series as well as their smartphone, it's X-Reality and even more advanced X-Reality Pro (currently, only on TV).

The difference of the X-Reality and X-Reality Pro which is the X-Reality processor with an image processor inside, while the X-Reality Pro, up to two processors, because this is where the TV used X-Reality Pro for improved speed images, video with much faster speed compared with X-Reality. In addition, all equipped with TV with X-Reality Pro are capable of photo slideshows and videos with high quality 3D, while some just use X-Reality TV series which features on the new.

Some examples: TV Sony HX820, HX729 used X-Reality Pro, a little lower line is Sony NX720 TV, use X-Reality.


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