Xperia Z Ultra high performance record of nearly 19K Quadrant, AnTuTu 32.4 K

Xperia Z Ultra is actually a tremendous breakthrough in the smartphone market Sony is very hot, if most of the previous XPERIA samples were "disparaging" the poor viewing angle screen and use the processor obsolete, then the Sony "respond" by releasing screens Triluminos its best now and equipping Snapdragon processor 800 most powerful smartphone the world would anyone ever criticize ago there must also be "silent".

If someone is using Xperia Z proud to reach 7,800 points Quadrant and AnTuTu score 18,000 points then maybe look at the numbers "terrible" Ultra Z's Xperia has measured this way will not avoid the feeling "inadequacy "," deprived "because only add an" ultra "only that things have to change dramatically.

Ultra Z beta quadrant reach 18,757 points, Xperia Z 2.4 times and 1.5 times near the point of measurement of the Galaxy S4 (13,300) for 5410 Octa Exynos processor from Samsung is now the most powerful. On the AnTuTu benchmark figure is 32 412 points are equally impressive, Xperia Z 1.8 times higher, than about 5,000 points over the Galaxy S4.

With this result we can fully confident that Ultra Z Xperia currently is "king" in the performance world phablet runs Android, the Galaxy Note certainly three upcoming public though it can also be difficult Z Ultra overcome by the fact that information is not something Samsung excels Exynos 5410 is used on the Galaxy S4.

Source: IT168


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