Detailed Review LG Optimus G Pro: A worthy upgrade from the Optimus G

Detailed Review LG Optimus G Pro
Detailed Review LG Optimus G Pro, a time when mainstream smartphone "FullHD" blooming everywhere. This is considered a larger version of Optimus G with many worthwhile upgrade.

LG Optimus Pro G Design:
LG Optimus Pro G Design
Optimus G Pro possesses a relatively large design and somewhat resembles rivals from Samsung Note II. However, LG's design team has focused more on the lines of G Pro Advanced. Optimus G Pro also equipped with a large Home button on the front and this is where the integrated system warning lamp. This button be flat but slightly long but not really feeling click "happy".
Home key glows. Good but not good press.
The protective glass of the screen is cut like G Pro iPhone 5 and HTC One should though large, holding G Pro feels quite comfortable in the hand still. Back cover of this smartphone patterns inherited from the Nexus 4 or Optimus G with the more active eye-catching perch. However, the symmetrical arrangement of the speakers and the lights flash on either side of the camera looks down but not really make sense. LG has added optional back cover with protective shell Flip Cover and when mounted on the feeling of the hand holding the device will become more and more entangled. Flip Cover is also the magnet helped off the screen when closed. A small change in the design of G Pro QButton buttons are located on the left side of the machine. With this key, the user can assign a certain number of functions, such as quick screen capture.
Cover the back with the familiar checkerboard pattern of LG.
Overall, despite owning Optimus G Pro screen sizes can say is this is the second biggest (only smaller Xperia Z Ultra) but still giving users feel comfortable when holding. LG also additional modes using only one hand for busy people. When this function is activated, a number of components such as the keyboard in the phone app will shrink and fit on one side of the screen

Display: LG Optimus Pro
LG Optimus Pro G larger screen 
G Optimus Pro is the first LG phone is equipped with screen resolution FullHD (1080 x 1920 pixels). True Full HD IPS Display Plus has 5.5 inch size and pixel density at 401 ppi. Thus, the characters shown in the image is very sharp. But G Pro version of this article is the machine for the Korean market may be a little different than the international version is about to be sold in Vietnam in the coming time. The color of the machine to turn slightly blue, though very little, but still can make the users feel difficult to please. Anyway, the screen brightness is still quite good when viewed in the sun.
Full HD screen resolution is so high.
Infrared Control: LG Optimus Pro
Another interesting thing is the phone company from Korea are equipped for the blockbuster recently launched a feature "new, but not new," which is infrared. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S4 G Optimus Pro features are also available. Now, users can control devices such as TVs, air conditioning in the house or just a single device. However, LG should add more options more devices in the future. Currently, the new LG Application QRemote only supports a few specific brands.

LG Optimus G Pro for stable performance.
LG Optimus Pro G Equipped with a standard configuration of the high-end models with 600 Snapdragon processor speed 1.7 GHz quad core with Adreno 320 graphics should Optimus G Pro for performance is quite stable. With demand for normal use, the machine almost never see an instance crashes or lag. Only when the processor intensive tasks such as gaming benchmarks and detailed graphics, the G Pro high heat just a bit more than normal.
It works pretty cool.
The battery life of the machine is very good to the average current.
Equipped with a battery capacity up to 3140 mAh G Optimus Pro should be pretty good use of time. Only with an overnight charge, the machine can operate from early morning until late at night to energize new. Overall, this is a reasonable use of the present time when most smartphones on the market can withstand just about half a day with 3G connectivity.

Software: LG Optimus Pro
Some applications "mini" LG.
Optimus G Pro preinstalled operating system has customized Android 4.1.2. LG has brought the tradition of their software on this device includes QSlide, QRemote, QMemo ... In addition, Optimus G Pro also features Smart Screen help screen is bright, while the user is looking directly into the machine. One point is deducted for G Pro in the notification bar. LG has crammed so much into it, making space for messages only half the screen.

Camera: LG Optimus G Pro
Camera LG Optimus G Pro 13 MP .
The line of LG phones that were not appreciated on imaging capabilities but Optimus Pro G is an exception. In the last test camera, the majority of users are voting for camera quality on this device. Indeed, the G Pro camera has been improved than its predecessor, although still exist some drawbacks such as the vibration small, wrong focus in low light conditions.
Camera app with a lot of custom.
Regarding software, LG has brought so many photography features on their Android smartphones to G Pro and upgraded a bit. The camera app on many diverse functions taken from Panorama, VR Panorama, HDR shooting, shooting "remove Acne" Beauty Shot or Time Machine to help us choose the best moments ... This camera can also execute commands capture when a user says a certain number of commands such as "Kim Chi".

Some photos from LG Optimus G Pro:


- Name: Optimus G Pro

- Dimensions: 150.2 x 76.1 x 9.4 mm

- Weight: 172g

- Screen: True HD IPS Plus 5.5 inch LCD FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), the pixel density is 401ppi

- CPU: 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ 600.

- GPU: Adreno 320.

- RAM: 2GB.

- Camera: After 13MP with LED Flash / 2.1 MP front.

- Battery: 3140mAh.

- Operating system: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

- Memory: 16/32 GB (microSD card support up to 64 GB).

- Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 Host, Wi-Fi standard ac / Wi-Fi Direct, NFC.
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