Guide customize the interface, the application runs Android 4.1.2 for Xperia Z

Here is one small number of customized interfaces, apps for Xperia Z running Android 4.1.2. If you have any custom requirements, may leave comments below, all questions and answers about the custom on Xperia Z Active will focus on this item.

1. Requirements:
- Root Xperia Z
- 1 required some custom Recovery installed, if not, set out to customize the
- 1 of customized requirements deodex rom, but I will try to make custom rom for whether or not deodex

2. The customized and installed:

2.1. Enable call recording on the Xperia Z:

- Install with CWM, if not extract, copy to / system, set permissions rw-rr as below and copy it to / system / vendor / overlay and reboot

- When listening / call, press the menu key to select the recording

2.2. Photos larger contact:
The 1 - InfiniteView normal

The 2 - large InfiniteView:

- Set the Recovery

2.3. The clock in the middle:
- With odexed rom (original not custom rom):
- With deodex rom have:

- Set the recovery
2.4. Notification bar and task manager like the Xperia Z Docomo SO-02E:

- With odexed rom (custom rom no root): in / system / app, delete and Settings.odex systemUI.odex file, then install the recovery
- With deodex rom installed with recovery
2.4.1. Management tasks throughout (used with mod 2.4):

- Copy the downloaded file to / system, renamed TaskSwitcher.apk, then set permission rw-rr (see section 2.1), copied to system / app
2.4.2. Notification bar and the gray navigation bar (used to mod 2.4):

- Copy to / system, set permissions rw-rr, then copy it to / system / app
Compiled from XDA


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