Oppo Find 2 SIM Clover: $ 250 sale price, quad-core chip, integrated technology Dirac HD Sound audio with dual stereo speakers.

With the $ 250 Android smartphone is Clover 4 Find the selling price of the goods are cheaper today. Compared to the Galaxy Win Samsung appears, Clover Find similar configuration, but less than $ 100 value.

Cheap Smartphone 4 of Oppo's own configuration quite impressive compared to the selling price. Equipped with 4 cores processor 1.2GHz Cortex A7 using the 28 nm process with the ability to save battery, 1 GB RAM, and support 2 SIM with 3G connectivity.

Notably, Clover is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Android 4.1.2 is not like Samsung Galaxy Win or elder Find 5 Full HD. In addition to the 4 GB of memory, the machine also supports microSD memory card slot
with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

Clover is also equipped with 4.3 inch screen with WVGA resolution, using LCD technology. Besides good configuration, the product possesses remarkable features of sound, integrating separate processor from Texas Instruments dual speaker system with stereo format. Similarly Find 5, Clover also owns Dirac HD Sound technology and Dolby Mobile 3.0, optimum sound when listening to music or watching movies.

Find Clover has simple design but if compared to the same segment model, designs products with a more balanced and quite beautiful, fit women. Machine owns 4.3 inch screen placed in fringing black screen feels larger screen when not turned on. Key sequence induction is engulfed in black frame, backlight comes easy manipulation.

The entire front frame black emerging placed slightly behind the front, while the top edge, two edges and underneath are made thicker. Side of the screen is made out just long enough for the Oppo logo for feeling comfortable holding and pressing the touch operation is not short of hands.

Find Clover is not monolithic designs that use a type of casing left, allowing users to remove the back cover and replace the battery, inserted the SIM or memory card. Machine design is quite thin (9.8 mm), curved back cover should feel pretty comfortable in hand. Surrounding the rim edge is a strip of bright metal color without causing much attention.

Volume key and the power key is split into two sides, while the volume keys easy to press the power button long for a little sinking feeling and difficult to work with, not really convenient when the user needs to open the screen brightness. Weight 140 grams (including battery) makes the machine pretty dress up, not light like many other popular smartphone segment.

Find Clover hand back, but not many details were carefully cared. Camera and LED Flash light with metal edges protect glass sink and help protect against scratches. Near the tail, the tiny dots drilled aligned very well and for the computer speakers. Clover's back cover is quite thin, but when mounted on back for sure and hard feelings when removed.

Besides its simple and nice enough, Clover design proved Find user friendly. As the two available SIM slot, a microphone and form a common format enables users to easily use even when moving from any form to any phone. Dy so, the memory card slot is located near the battery, do not allow users to remove the heat. This can be handled as part of the Android software for connecting to the computer quite easy to copy data.

Find Clover has the advantage of honesty screen, bright, wide viewing angle, while the average resolution shows black and not good.

Brilliant IPS screen resolution average though.
The advantage lies in that there are products that use IPS LCD technology, with the ability to show 3 main colors are red, green and blue is pretty standard. Clover screen looks bright, colorful. Brightness is also advantages to the maximum extent, brighter screen of the same range of models, colors and help visibility in the sun without shadow, losing detail.

Besides, the use of a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels on a 4.3 inch screen, coupled with Oppo's own interface using icons, large font makes the weakness of the resolution to be removed. In normal usage distance (20 to 30 cm), the screen is quite sharp, no aliasing phenomenon.

However, there are still weaknesses in the Find Clover is able to demonstrate that black is not deep. This weakness appears to enjoy movies, the dark background looks bright and feeling a bit blue, making images lack depth and slightly transluce.

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