Samsung Galaxy S4 explosion burned a house

Mr. Do, a Hong Kong resident, owner of the Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded.

The Sun newspaper of Hong Kong on 29/7 reported, handset Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded and caught fire when a man using the phone to play games while charging machine.
More damaging, when the machine exploded, reflexively, the man who threw the phone away. The phone burning sofa in the living room and the house caught fire quickly.

Seeing the fire spread through the increasingly fast, man and his wife Do they rushed out of the house and call the police. It took half an hour later, police put out a new fire flames caused by smartphones. However, this time, the house was burned. Fortunately no one was injured in the fire.
Talking to the press after the fire, the man said, he bought the Galaxy S4 is the "genuine" battery and charger products are also supplied by Samsung.
Samsung Hong Kong confirms, after knowing this information, they conducted specific tests to determine the cause of the explosion case.
Samsung Galaxy S4 is not the first phone exploded while being charged. However, this is probably the mobile phone explosion causing serious consequences, the most ever.
In mid-July last, a Chinese hostesses also died of answering the phone with the iPhone is charging. The cause was determined to be due to use charging cable does not guarantee quality.


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