Galaxy S5 will become a symbol of innovation and breakthrough

It is not outside the law , right from the moment appeared rumors about the next -generation Galaxy S , Galaxy S5 . In late 2012 , when the iPhone 5 has just appeared and Note 2 , we see that the rumor revolves around the Galaxy S4 . And this time is also a good time for the pen to write about this upcoming blockbuster of Samsung . Here is the information " speculation " about the Galaxy S5 appeared in recent times .
Galaxy S5 will become a symbol of innovation and breakthrough
1 . Release Date
Perhaps the biggest question for those who are interested to Galaxy S5 super  that is when it will be released . This is quite important because it can answer the question of whether they should buy a mobile device from now or continue to wait until the release date S5 .
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
Let's look closely at what Samsung has done to search for answers . Galaxy S5 , if Samsung intends to continue this classic series devices , high capacity will not appear until the end of this year . Manufacturer Samsung never "ready " to launch more flagship in the same year  . So fans can only hope Samsung will continue to walk the line and will announce the Galaxy S devices in the next year .
Here is the information revolves around the release date of this blockbuster :
- The rumored Galaxy S5 mentioned first appears in 2014 , namely in March
- Looking back at history , Samsung also announced the Galaxy S4 in March and early April Galaxy S3
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
If rumors indicating Galaxy S5 will appear in March next year , according to logic , we can fully expect Samsung's latest blockbuster will be announced a few weeks after this time may be the April or May . At the very least , fans can also look forward to Galaxy S5 will be introduced in the first quarter and the official " on sale " in the next quarter of next year.

2 . Design
For years , devotees of the Samsung is always " movement " to give manufacturers the inherent design of plastic and instead is a more advanced design to compete with rivals such as HTC stunned or Apple . Until the launch of Galaxy Note 3 , Samsung has made ​​clear its reluctance to abandon familiar polycarbonate plastic . However, with super phablet launched products , while the design remains the same as conventional plastic , groups from South Korea have shown innovation by change somewhat with leather back cover . Therefore, the technology can fully expect Samsung will continue to listen and respect the needs of consumers with Galaxy S5 .
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
Rumors indicate that at least Samsung is also intended to " toying " with the idea of ​​a super- S5 metal . Besides , there are also information indicating that Apple is intending to produce big screen iPhone next year , so this would be an appropriate time to think seriously about the Samsung brand new design instead plastic .
However, according to some other sources , so there may be the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy F series , series high-end devices from Samsung . At this point , the introduction of a new brand is completely possible , it is also suitable for Galaxy S5 will continue to design plastic . However, it would be extremely strange if Samsung intends to " death " Galaxy S line , a brand that kimchi makers have to spend a lot of effort to build such a success today .
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
Maybe Galaxy S5 and Galaxy F lines will co-exist , but we can also imagine that the Galaxy S line , which has been recognized worldwide , will continue to be high-end brands of Samsung , by replacing change some design elements such as metal casing .

3 . screen
No clear rumors about the screen on the Galaxy S5 , however , the technology can expect the emergence of super- technology Youm on this next year . At CES Expo 2013 , Samsung has introduced flexible screen technology , called Youm , although this group can not design a device that can bend , but at least Youm technology also creates screen can not be broken .
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
Until now we have not seen Youm on any device from Samsung . However, this group has promised to bring this technology into a portable device in October , and there are rumors that Youm will only be used on an unlimited number of versions of the Galaxy Note 3 soon.

4 . Camera
Samsung will have to try more as the market increasingly appears more camera equipment for better quality than what's found on the Galaxy S line , even the Galaxy S4 . Information appears on the next blockbuster Galaxy S will be equipped with 16 MP sensor camera , offering features Optical Image Stabilization lets reduce vibration when shooting video , and other exciting features that will be available on the device is not of this Samsung in 2013 .
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
Camera on the smartphone market place always so fierce , so it's no wonder when Samsung is always equipped with the camera app " stand " on their new devices . However, hopefully the Korean manufacturer will design the practical application than on the Galaxy S5 , instead of flaunting too much without actually beneficial for users as on previous products .

5 . Specifications and Features
If Samsung switched to a premium metal design on the Galaxy S5 , this group will probably think about getting rid of two iconic features of its back cover that is removable and comes with card microSD . This can be frustrating for a lot of users , but also no shortage of solutions to overcome this.
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
Samsung may offer a larger storage memory to replace the lack of a microSD memory card , can start from 32 GB as such on the Galaxy Note 3 . In addition, increased battery capacity to be a good solution for users no longer have to fret about the extensions on the device pin as before. Therefore, if accompanied with a metallic design , Galaxy S5 will probably be significantly improved storage capacity and battery life .
Next, the 3 GB of RAM on Samsung's latest blockbuster is worth to expect when the "brother " of the Galaxy Note 3 S5 was " ahead " of this movement . Besides , the upgraded configuration is also predictable if you look at the history of this group , Qualcomm chip could be a product or " homegrown " Samsung . We have seen the microprocessor 8 " of the " Samsung made ​​its debut at CES 2013 , and has been used on the Galaxy S4 , thus repeating history is nothing surprising .

6 . Software
Samsung has always been constant efforts to improve TouchWiz , UI " genuine " on the Android platform . So fans can fully trust this group will progress to upgrade the software on the Galaxy S5 .
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
Maybe this blockbuster will be equipped with Android 4.4 KitKat or Android 4.3 Jelly Bean instead Tizen , although rumors also mention this. High possibility that KitKat will be " priority " since Samsung usually have " habits " put the latest version of Android on its new devices .
Galaxy S4 is equipped with sensor feature allows users to perform tasks with at least gesture , so if Samsung intend to continue to improve this feature on the S5 is also not surprising . Galaxy S5 can be equipped with the " dominant " one in two " predecessor " is Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 .

7 . Price
Like Apple , Samsung also has an " unwritten rule " about product pricing . Galaxy S4 sold for $ 199.99 in the contract with the network , similar to the " birth father " of this device . Similarly , Galaxy Note 3 and " ready to go " as Note 1 and Note 2 to the contract price of $ 299.99 .
What to expect from the Galaxy S5 ?
Of course, when in Vietnam , consumers will not have the value " dreamy " as such . However, the problem here is that the price is a factor which is sensitive to any specific manufacturer . To be competitive , even more true in history , will not likely raise prices for Samsung Galaxy S5 up relative to the " predecessor " of this device .


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