(Video) On hand open box iPhone 5s

(Video) On hand open box iPhone 5s
iPhone 5s is probably the machine 's line was changed the most so far . Apparently , you can only differentiate it from the iPhone 5 home button with front and rear dual LED flash . However , inside the large changes seen with advanced processing architecture over compared to rivals Android , camera make the most of the CPU processing power to double , image processing chip ISP twice as strong . This feature is
particularly interested TouchID who also can not work more perfect.

As mentioned , only 2 points difference only iphone 5 and iPhone 5s over the home keys and flash . All other details are not changed . Hold onto iPhone 5s , the first of their concern is felt to hit home , it's almost no different than the iPhone 5 , no more soft nor hard . Try pressing the left key , then everything is the same, still sturdy . If you look , you will see the iPhone 5s continue to be very high uniformity , keys and always asked the same depth , although the volume up button and power button . It is not clear whether or not the new machine because the push button silent keys slightly harder than the iPhone 5 that I have .
On iPhone 5s , only white is unchanged . Black has been removed and replaced by little gray scratch and added the yellow appearance . iPhone 5s on the giant yellow as gold-plated machine we saw in Vietnam or that it more elegant , fun to say is not serious in light of material !
Grey is the new color . Last year I used black iPhone 5 , more precisely, is black with a little blue . Currently I hold the gray should not yet know how it felt .

No one new upgrade to iOS 7 without feeling discomfort in speed due to excessive use of Apple iOS Effects 7 . A7 chip was probably born to overcome that disadvantage . A6 Chip on iOS 6 is very fast but faster than A7 , tests show iPhone 5s lower latency compared to the iPhone 5 . From 4S to 5 , we do not see much difference , but quite clearly from 5 to 5S ( applied with iOS 7 ) . Try a direct comparison of the A7 and A6 speed on the iOS platform 7 , you will understand why Apple had to upgrade the chip to a whole new generation .
Currently I can not test further conditions processor and graphics chip , even tonight or tomorrow you will see the video to show the difference .
On the A7 chip , many people worry about 64bit applications will not be developed but rest assured about that . The reason why , I will explain in more detail in a separate post tomorrow .

TouchID :
What do you spend to make high-end computer has ever known fingerprint sensor . Previously I have spent a VAIO SZ is the AuthenTec fingerprint sensor and it also acceptable , though not quite accurately scan strokes strong hands . When try some other machine , it was just bad , hard to eat more . After Apple bought AuthenTec , they take advantage of the technology of the U.S. security firm created TouchID , instead of just the touch scanning .

Experiment shows TouchID actual work extremely effective and gives us a whole new feeling compared to the fingerprint sensor or use our past . To open , we need only click on the home button lightly ( finger must touch the metal ring around) and the screen will light up in less than a second . Forget the password away , forget the legacy of Steve Jobs' slide to unlock , forgot the pattern or face recognition complexity of Android , just one click and you are ready to use the phone .

However , not TouchID no weaknesses . You have to touch the surface of the home button for about half a second sensor finger conditions identified users . Will be slightly uncomfortable at first but surely we will get used to it after a few days of use .

Camera :
Camera is the biggest change in 5s , except TouchID , all 5s were updated on the camera to serve . Still resolution 8MP sensor on 5s but larger , new technology allows recording capabilities of each pixel better and better lenses helped 5s shooting in low light is much better than the iPhone 5 . The biggest change comes from the software , the use of algorithms that Apple is not taking new interface of iOS 7 .
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