Xperia Z Ultra C6802 new firmware (14.1.B.1.510), X-Reality Update

Xperia Z Ultra sold out with a firmware version is not complete and lacks many features as introduced by Sony , not sure why companies do this , but at least now users are eagerly waiting for a firmware last . News recently shared a new firmware with 14.1.B.1.510 codes , present on the newer Z Ultra . It is not clear if this is not the final finishing , but I still try to install something new to see . Recommends that you should not install this rom , because anyway it is by no means an official Sony launched .

After installation , the computer has tried phenomenon occasionally reboot itself , if used repeatedly is okay , off the screen so it will not restart , it is not clear due to machine error or is this firmware . In return , the speed is quite fast and very smooth operating machine , it seems the font has been changed slightly . Other details are similar to what Sony was advertising , especially the emergence of the " X - Reality for Mobile " .

In case you still want to try , then please refer to the following guidelines :
Here are the details on the new features in this firmware 14.1.B.1.510 . There are certain things that the official firmware for Sony 's upcoming Ultra Z will be updated with this information . It is not clear how long the new firmware will be , but with the emergence of the time this is probably also the official launch very soon .


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