Instructions for installing the "Mod" was great for Google Nexus 7, after Root

Few days ago we have tutorial root and install a ROM / mod for Google Nexus 7  and now I would like to introduce you to some of the mod as well as little tricks to customize this tablet just the way you more . First mod will be to help raise additional power menu . I will also talk to the manager flash enhanced sound ( DSP Manager ) for Google Nexus 7, the navigation bar is hidden when not needed , a Google Apps tweaked a transparent or black very nice jet . Finally, a tool interface tweaks and features of the system .
Instructions for installing the "Mod" was great for Google Nexus 7
Instructions for installing the "Mod" was great for Google Nexus 7

General Method for the mod flash below
Requirements: computer has unlocked bootloader , install recovery and root external success . If you do not perform this step , then take a look at past posts Manual Nexus 7 toolkit
In each section you will lead a download link for the mod , and all of them are in zip format . When the download is complete, you do not just leave it unpacked . Copy this zip file onto your Google Nexus 7 2013 , then boot into recovery mode ( shut down the machine off, then press and hold both the Power key + volume down keys at the same time > select Restart to Recovery ) .

When it came to recovery , find the Install zip file , click on it . Browse new zip file you copied to , select flash . When finished, the flash Wipe Dalvik cache and reboot is finished . If not , then you can distinctly see the article  Instructions on how to use the Nexus 7 ToolKit

Now get started.

1 . Advanced Power menu
Power_Menu .
Power menu is the menu that appears when we press and hold the power button / lock about 1 second . It 's the menu that you used to turn off the machine, turn airplane mode here . But for advanced users , the only " power off " alone is not enough . To address these needs , then please download the Advanced Power Menu mod and install it . Once installed , the power will have to add some menu items as enable Nexus 7 restart , then restart straight into recovery mode to flash ROM or flash the mod . It's nice and convenient, we do not need to perform this task manually two more .
Advanced Power Menu for the original ROM
Advanced Power Menu for the original ROM

2 . Adjust the sound effects with DSP Manager
DSP_Manager .
Even the Nexus 7 ( 2013 ) and in the original ROM of Android is an equalizer tool , however it is quite simple and can not meet the needs of many . If you are the person in this case is to invite you to download DSP Manager application . In addition to frequency equalizer in many more , you can also adjust the speaker equalizer , bluetooth headset , wireless headset separately . You can also adjust bass enhanced mode and strength of effect anymore . This App will replace MusicFX default , so when you select the item , the DSP EQ of Google Music Manager will appear in place of the old EQ .

3 . Hide the navigation bar of the Nexus 7
Surely you will spend very uncomfortable Nexus 7 to Android 's navigation bar is always fixed at the bottom edge of the screen. When playing games , web browsing , watching movies , then do not push to be able to fill out the picture screen . Do not worry , Auto Hide Soft Keys software will help you hide the navigation bar and when to go , you can call it up quickly by touching or sliding .

You look at the picture above to see the bottom of the screen has a red strip . It 's where you used to call the navigation bar appear again , and as mentioned above , we can touch or slide your finger as you like . You can adjust the size and position of the red stars to suit the habits and their preferences are least . You can also add color tweaking , or even completely eliminate this red bar but always have to pay . If possible, the programmer should support you okay .
Hide the navigation bar of the Nexus 7
Hide the navigation bar of the Nexus 7
Download Auto Hide Soft Keys ( free on Google Play )

4 . The application - Google tool Nostalgic Kit
This is a zip file containing the following :
  • Animation boot Nexus at default
  • Original Android Launcher
  • Adaway host file ( to block ads in the app )
  • Microbes Live Wallpaper ( . Apk + . Lib )

5 . Google Apps suite and throughout the black
By default, Google applications such as Google Apps Now , Google+ , Gmail , Play Music , Hangouts , Keep going with Google's own background design, usually gray mixed with white , own Music Play more orange color . But if you feel they are too boring to try through the App Blackout . It is the application of Google but has been changed for better interface with a very cool black color , in line with the overall black a Nexus 7 2013 . Features of this software then nothing changes compared to the original app from Google so you do not even need to worry .

One of the other app is similar to that blackout ClearOut , however it does not own black interface that plays throughout the interface to see the wallpaper underneath . Personally I prefer the pure ClearOut because it was new and strange experience , the beautiful and seems more fanciful .

6 . Xposed Framework - much tweaking system components
Xposed_Framework .
Until now, if you want to modify ( mod ) something in the Android system , we often have to use the file manager to replace the file , edit the code , or flash files from the outside . The operation is too complicated and time-consuming , some mods also require more lengthy setup steps again . To solve this problem , the programmer rovo89 XDA forums has created a framework that allows software components to mod the system easier . This framework is called Xposed and the mod can be installed through the app installed as APK files , very simple and fast .
  • Benefits of Xposed :
  • No need to edit the APK file of third-party applications , helps developers save time decompile , modify and re- compile
  • Works with most ROM
  • The mod will not be bound to a certain ROM , unless the programmer wants it.
  • Many mods that can be installed at the same time
  • Users can turn off the flash mod without the computer
  • open Source
  • I had a very detailed article on how to install , use and even the mod Xposed , which features some mods , some are used to interface mod . Invite friends via offline reference .

Reference: Tinhte


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