Video Guide security features Activation Lock of iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad

Activation Lock is a new security feature Apple added to iOS 7 . It helps Apple devices become more secure. This feature will require users to enter the Apple ID password before you delete data on your computer, turn off Find My iPhone search or when re-activated after the device has recovered . Even the New York Police Department also advised all users Activation Lock  iOS 7 should turn up . So what features are worth noting and how to use it ?
Guide security features Activation Lock of iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad
Activation Lock can be applied to any device ?
This feature can be spent on all devices iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad in the area is upgraded to iOS 7 . Note to have new iOS  7 , but iOS 6 is not okay .

This feature works like?
As mentioned above, Activation Lock will force users to enter the correct password for iCloud account can perform the deletion machine , turn off Find My iPhone or re- activate . For example , when you lose the iPhone / iPad , and if the thief that stole it one of his first tasks will be to disable the Find My iPhone service for iPhone you can not locate the machine where is his . With iOS 6 , he only needs access to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone off , gentle and simple . For now , the iOS 7 , when you wanted to turn off the password that your iCloud account , otherwise there's no way to disable Find My iPhone .

Another example : if you lose the iPhone / iPad , you quickly access the site to clean your equipment because the machinery can save a lot of sensitive information and important . When the delete command is sent to the device , all data will be erased and the computer will be locked . Previously in iOS 6 , thief or thieves acquired from the machine can quickly reactivate your iPhone / iPad and use a new machine . As with the  Activation Lock, again the user must enter the correct password of your Apple ID , otherwise iPhone / iPad will become an expensive paperweight Department and can not spend anymore . Worst case you can not find your device , but at least they did not have anyone spend it again .

Similar situations also occur if you do not lock up the computer or delete iCloud . The thief wants to delete the data in the machine for sale, must also enter the account password new Apple ID .

How to enable the Lock Activation ?
Very simply , all you need to do is log into iCloud account on your iOS device ( if not already logged in available ) . Then you go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone ( Vietnamese is Settings> iCloud > Find My iPhone ) , this option brushed it out to the green is finished . Because Activation Lock is integrated with Find My iPhone should it also be activated as well.

In case you are upgrading from a device running iOS 5 or 6 that were turned on Find My iPhone , you do not need to do anything more at all. Activation Lock is activated and ready to use .

I need Activation Lock off devices before selling or not ?
Yes, and you must do this to ensure the acquisition of machines you can use the device normally . Otherwise they will not be able to turn off Find My iPhone feature and log their new iCloud account . How to Find My iPhone off , then turning as above, except that you push the Find My iPhone for it to be green .

Besides , before the sale , you also need to delete all the data on your computer by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to ensure data is secure .

What to do when buying the equipment that iCloud accounts of previous owners still log in and turned Activation Lock ?
In this situation , you need to contact the seller as soon as possible and ask them to remove the iCloud account from your device . If they close , you can tell they are done right on the iPhone / iPad by going to Settings > iCloud > Sign out . And if they are away , ask them to do the following steps :
Tell them to log into their account at the site iCloud / find.
From the list of Find My iPhone devices , select All Devices on the line and select your new machine they give you
Click " Remove from Account " to remove the link between iCloud account with the
You see that the removal of iCloud and Activation Lock also quite complicated and time consuming , so it is best to buy iOS devices from someone , you should always check that they have iCloud account or logout yet . How incredibly simple test : go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings , iCloud password if asked , it means that the seller has not logged out , but if you can delete normally accept purchase machine .
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