( Guide ) All the best Rom and Mod for smartphone HTC One

HTC One is one of the high-end Android handset today it has brought in good processing power , new technology , just the beautiful aluminum design . Previously I had a share of the tips for effective use , and today I will share with you some of the ROM and mod Xposed to help the One becomes a new and more interesting . The part of this article is to accumulate the experience I use . If you know or used by the public or ROM or mod , please share with everyone always okay .
All the best Rom and Mod for smartphone HTC One

Requirements before the flash ROM and mod :
You must backup all your data in case I uncertainties .
Machine has unlocked boot loader , install recovery and root customer .
One of the ROM is still in its testing phase error should arise . Somewhat at fault I 'll tell you
This article consists of three parts:
Part 1 : One of the highlights ROM
Part 2 : Some interesting and useful mod
Part 3 : Synthesis of Cook and link to the mod ROM for HTC One

Part 1 : One of the highlights ROM
Sense original ROM and the original ROM Google Play Edition
First of all to say about what was the original ROM . As you already know , the HTC One of two " lines " . The first line runs HTC Sense interface and it is also the genuine model sold in Vietnam . The second line uses ROM developed by Google Android and it is no more original features or components of the Sense interface . The second document called HTC One Google Play Edition and only sold through the laptop . Fortunately, even if you have bought any event , it can also run the rest of the ROM . In other words it is buy one get two .

The first is the original Sense ROM :
Download stock odexed based on build 2.24.401.8 . This ROM is Android 4.2.2 platform comes Jelly Bean interface HTC Sense 5 , completely original , not a root ( but may be root ) .
The first is the original Sense ROM

Next Google Play is the original ROM Edition :
Google Android Revolution HD 3.2 Download Edition : This is the Android 4.3 ROM . As I mentioned above , just as the original machine interface Nexus is not only things of Sense it. You must identify the ROM Google Play Edition will not have many extra features like the Sense 5 , but in return we have a stable ROM is extremely fast running speed , near nh never stand or latency . You get the pure Android experience , which is the latest Android 4.3 right away happy .
Next Google Play is the original ROM Edition
MoDaCo.SWITCH ROM : Sense ROM and switch between Google Play ROM with just one click.

Tutorials Flash Room on HTC One, public beta version of MoDaCo.SWITCH
. Now this stuff was programmer "father " Paul O'Brien open for everyone to test , not limited to a small group of more advanced users .
Next Google Play is the original ROM Edition
Indeed both ROM and Sense Google Play Edition Paul O'Brien has been packaged into a single zip file ( 1.5 GB capacity ) , and we could just flash it plus a few extra files through recovery is finished . Extremely simple and easy . The best of Paul 's solution is both ROM will share save data region , so you simply install the application once and it will automatically appear on the original Android ROM and Sense ROM . The data generated by the app , log data each app , save game ... is preserved , we can comfortably switch between ROMs without worrying about data synchronization .

Although still in beta stage but both are running very smooth ROM , no warm-up and I still do not see the error appears. Battery Sense ROM is still great , and the battery of the original Android ROM I'm still more tests . The transition from the original ROM to ROM Sense takes about 30 seconds .
First of all you need to download a file of the following :
How to install :
MoDaCo.SWITCH can be installed as a normal flash any other ROM through customer recovery . The steps are as follows :
  • Select the option to Wipe data factory wipe of data (note that prior to wipe , no wipe after flash ROM ).
  • Flash 13 Beta File SWITCH.
  • Flash to package S - ON.
  • Flash to package root.
  • Reboot the machine.
  • That's it , we can start using it right MoDaCo.SWITCH ROM .
Some notes used during MoDaCo.SWITCH :
You can switch between Google Play Edition ROM with Sense ROM by finding and running applications SWITCH ( with the red switch ).
You can upgrade by OTA for MoDaCo.SWITCH search application called SwitchUp . If there are new updates , then this app will automatically download and install for you , very simple . You do not need to flash manually .
I find that Sense ROM less battery power than Google Play Edition ROM but not smooth in.
Data is shared between the Sense ROM and Google ROM Edition , so you simply install the application once and it will automatically appear on the original Android ROM and the Sense ROM . The data generated by the app , log data each app , save game ... is preserved , we can comfortably switch between ROMs without worrying about data synchronization .

Sense 5 ROM based Android 4.3 for HTC One.
HTC had previously said that it will launch Android 4.3 update for HTC One at the end of September , and now the installation of this update has been available online . In the new version ( still comes Sense 5.0) , we are allowed to choose my own music as background for the video created by Highlights feature , in addition , the transit time in the video image will depend on the pace of soundtrack . The task management and functional testing of network traffic is now carried out app drawer screen , Wi - Fi icon Hotspot and innovation . Features Wi - Fi is turned on to serve for the purpose of positioning the Android 4.3 also appear . Also adds information that this update will fix the contrast of the image capture in low light conditions .
Sense 5 ROM based Android 4.3 for HTC One

Guide to install the new Android 4.3 ROM :
  • Download the ROM file here ( choose file 12.1.0 ) and copy it to the memory of the HTC One
  • Boot into recovery mode . More..What is Unlock Bootloader, Root, Recovery, Rom, Kenel ?.
  • Select the backup to backup the entire contents of the phone , missed a problem , we can recover
  • Choose Install zip file > browse to the new file you downloaded
  • Choose flash , flash forward complete, restart your computer and start using
  • ColorOS ROM - a new color and experience
If you were bored with the original Android interface Sense UI and it's time we test something new and fun. Presenting to you the ColorOS ROM . This is essentially for the ROM machine has been mod Oppo but the Sense -based ROM , but has a completely new interface , which is accompanied by the new features and also attractive .

How to install and set ROM ColorOS :
  • Download ColorOS 1.0 ROM in one of the three following link : Mirror 1 : MEGA ; Mirror 2 : Goo.im ; Mirror 3 : Drive
  • Download the Google Apps suite.
  • Copy the ROM and Google Apps on the HTC One . Then proceed to flash ROM and then turn to Apps , flash memory is done after the machine Wipe okay for you .
  • When run on the new machine you will see a screen full Chinese. Never mind , let's look to the bottom right corner with a white underlined text . Click here is you can get into the main interface of ColorOS.
  • Next, run the Market app on the main screen of ColorOS . It has a blue icon , as shown below .
  • Type a word into the search box Google Play . Wait for the installation is complete search engine Google Play Service on HTC One . Then we use the Play .
  • The step has completely set , you can use the ROM .
How to install and set ROM ColorOS

Speaking of ROM ColorOS :
The earlier you heard of MIUI , ROM is known for the beautiful interface and incredibly vivid , quite different from the interfaces of companies like LG , Samsung , HTC , Sony ... This ROM is very much the mod again and bring up many different models , but HTC One does not. If you want to find the MIUI experience or want to try something new, you need ColorOS is .

ColorOS on HTC running very smooth , motion effects are relatively good and I see it seems ColorOS save battery life than the ROM SWITCH . This then invites you to check and try. Treadmill is not so hot and does not leak or sudden reboot .

As for features , ColorOS many new things such as allowing the user to change the interface a lot more than the others . You had a bunch of themes , wallpapers and ringtones to choose from . You are also a music player interface simulate the impressive LPs . The notification area is the integration of tools for fast turn off the connection uses , tweak brightness and much more .

In addition to the main screen , you can put an image widget to medium sized photograph ( yes, taken from the homescreen ) , but you can also browse through the pictures you have taken in chronological order . The application icon is also pretty fun . Note to everyone that the photograph was taken from the Sense of ColorOS over so we can use all the features like the Sense ROM .

Part 2 : The system chassis tweaks and mods Xposed
Xposed Framework
Until now, if you want to edit something in the Android system , we often have to use the file manager to replace the file , edit the code , or flash files from the outside . The operation is too complicated and time-consuming , some mods also require more lengthy setup steps again . To solve this problem , the programmer rovo89 XDA forums has created a framework that allows software components to mod the system easier . This framework is called Xposed and the mod can be installed through the app installed as APK files , very simple and fast . Today I will introduce to you about Xposed with some mods or . If you are using this framework , you are okay , please share .

How to install Xposed
Make sure your computer has installed root before proceeding . First of all , create a backup of your device , to always backup everything in case the machine fails, we can go back . It is best to create a Backup NandAndroid . Details can be found at post [ Trick ] what kind of backup data on Android phones . I will not be responsible if you brick or damage your computer.

Xposed Installer To install , download the file XposedInstaller_2.1.4.apk . It is a normal install file . Write it on your Android device , then use the file manager ( such as Astro File Manager ) , browse and install it like any other software . Then download add - Disabler - CWM.zip Xposed file and copy it to the machine , then I would say the effect follows .
The system chassis tweaks and mods Xposed

Required for HTC One ( all ROM , regardless of origin or cook ) :
  • Download the APK file install Installer Xposed - DOWNLOAD
  • Install the apk file , then run up Xposed Installer , choose the Install / Update
  • Download this zip file and copy it to your phones - DOWNLOAD ( ROMraid )
  • In this zip file to flash Recovery ensure Xposed not automatically reset
  • Done.
How to install the mod :
  • So we have the frame , now to install the mod . Common way to install any mod that is :
  • Download the file name> mod> . APK , installed on the machine
  • Running Xposed Insatller up , go to Modules tab ( you'll notice if you do not activate the mod )
  • Activate by selecting the mod in the first tick in line
  • Reboot
  • Then you have mod can run up to continue to refine

Some very good mod
Some very good mod

Sense 5 Toolbox
More of a mod anymore for Xposed frame , but the reason that I own it is separated by this mod has very unique features for only 5 Sense only. Sense 5 Toolbox was developed by programmers langer hans on Android Revolution HD ROM and the One of him. Therefore, to Toolbox Sense 5 is maximum compatibility , then you should spend this ROM ( download here ) . However, with the Sense -based ROM version 5 and not too many changes , the system components Sense 5 Toolbox can still run most of the features .
Sense 5 Toolbox

To install Sense 5 Toolbox , first you download this file . Then proceed to install like any other normal application is finished . Do not forget that after the install you will have to activate the Toolbox Sense 5 Xposed okay .

The main features of Sense 5 Toolbox :
  • EQS Reorder : allows you to rearrange , add or remove the Quick Settings pane of Android 4.2 . This is one of the most useful features of Sense 5 Toolbox
  • Camera mod : allows to assign two actions to increase or decrease the volume keys when photographed . You can choose to focus, focus and shoot , filming ... depending on the needs and preferences
  • System UI mod : adjust the transparency of the status bar on the top of the screen , in the area of notification , clock , adding brightness slider in the notification screen , enabling the Quick Settings horizontally . There is also the AOSP Recent Apps to help you through the new application runs in recent times the original Android style , not in the form of Sense .
  • CleanBeam mod : refine and replace some icons in the system
  • Sense mod : changing dock , clock size , the transparency of the app drawer . Here you can also set the folder to be able to accommodate an unlimited number of applications ( which are really , cheat app up to 9999 ) with the option Infinifolders . In the Gesture , you can install the manipulation beyond the screen to perform a certain action more quickly , not to run again manually .
  • Various mod > APM : reboot enabled interface with multiple boot options , such as boot into recovery or boot loader instance .
  • And many other things , invite you to explore .
  •  Sense5Toolbox_2 .
  • After applying Sense 5 Toolbox , you can see the dock at the bottom edge become transparent status bar and the bar . The restart button more than ample options
The main features of Sense 5 Toolbox

Part 3: Cook the other ROM for HTC One
* Note * Some new Rom I have not updated you can look at :
Read more Video...Trick efficient use HTC One mini
Source reference: Tinhte


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